Who Dat say dey gon play some 4 Square?

Let’s be honest, no one at 4 Square talked about the Saints historic win in the Superbowl. Most conversation centered around the difficulty of German grammar, Modest Mouse and a slew of ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. But still the spirit of victory ran wild through our veins as a hearty group of at least 8 players duked it out for around 2 hours to claim the coveted spot of A square. Great rules were called such as the famed Pirate rule and the Jump-In-The-Air-As-You-Hit-The-Ball rule, but the new stand out was the Make-Up-A-Bird rule which debuted on the scene with much hilarity. If you are interested, new wonderful birds were discovered like the “Dodorito” and the “Ass Bird.”

At some point in the night Uriah called out the fabled “4 Square Challenge” in which the a player entering D square must make their way to A square in 3 rounds or suffer the ridicule of the entire parking lot. Many have tried only to be laughed at, but Uriah succeeded where others have failed thus cementing him a spot on the blog and internet fame.

After much urging by Angela, elimination was called at around 11pm. The rounds were tough and heartbreaking, but in the end Sam took advantage of an out of bounds hit by newcomer Adam to clinch the win. Congratulations Sam, you’re a winner! Maybe Oakland will throw you a parade. Probably not.

We’ll be back next week with a break down of another 4 Square of the East Bay! Have fun/be safe!


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