You got game? Prove it!

This cold spell has gotta stop soon because it’s freezing out our game. Since the new year the weather has been less than warm prompting thin Californian skin to wrap itself in hoodies, blankets or whiskey and not show up to 4 Square. This puts the game in a weird space where, without 4 people to play, the game becomes 3 square or (even worse) 2 Square.

Jordan and Angela had already started playing as Sam rolled up and the three of them held down a pretty mean 3 Square until Mike showed up to save the night. After playing for a short while, hard rules started to appear like the ‘Keep moving’ rule, the ‘words that start with the letter F’ rule and Karaoke square (where each player picks a song to sing and sings it during the game). Jon showed up and it almost seemed like there was a line and players got a second to catch their breath. The level of the game struggled as players got tired and stopped chasing down stray balls (that’s what she said). Soon the ‘save everyone’ rule was in effect and rounds would go on for much much longer than they should have. The World Championships of Four Square (happening on Saturday, February 27th in Bridgton, ME) would be ashamed. Elimination was called, but luckily Julian and Victoria showed up at the end and most of the remaining players were convinced to play another 30 minutes or so.

It was Victoria’s first time playing 4SEB style but that didn’t matter as her sequins jacket dazzled opponents into submission. Or something like that. The end came as everyone realized that they were fucking tired and another elimination was called. Jon beat out Jordan for the win and now gets to be on the blog. Whoooot!

So in conclusion, 4 Square needs more players. We used to have upwards to 40 folks coming out and now there are only 5. Bay Area stand up! There are avid 4 Square players in Philadelphia, Boston and New York City who would kill to have a 4 Square game during the winter without snow. Why are we so complacent? Stop smoking the green and get active. Also, we gotta bring the music back.

Until next week!


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