On to the next one…

This was a big week for 4 Square! After a slow start to 2010, this Thursday night got the square cracking again! Not to say that previous games weren’t super fun, but when you’ve only got 3 to 5 people playing the fastest and most furious game to leave the playground, the players get tired. This week, the players got impatient as the line ballooned to over 10 people. Standing in the line gives everyone the opportunity to either chat it up with the people around them or stand awkwardly studying the moves of those fortunate enough to be in the square. 4SEB recommends that people talk to each other because since the car/music source was stolen, it can get oddly quiet in the parking lot. During intense rounds only the sound of bouncing balls, squeaking sneakers and the occasional grunt echo off of the concrete pylons. Thanks to all of the new folks that showed up and we wanna let you know that we noticed that all of your names started with vowels (Adam, Allison, Austin, Emily and Ian). Big shout out to Doug who was the only newbie to have a name start with a consonant.

The play tonight was excellent as veterans threw it down solid, but the new additions shined as they worked out the kinks in their game plan to rock through the bottom squares and claim A square and rule privileges. Good rules this week were the spin rule (10 seconds, 12 seconds, 15 seconds and 20 seconds), the pirate rule, dance square, one-word-story, Olympic sports, countries of the world and the Apology rule, where if one player gets another out they must apologize profusely and sincerely to that player sharing their pain and empathizing with their sorrows. This was taken to the extreme as Allison commanded Sam to drop to his knees after getting her out to complete the rule. Sam then got Allison out in a following round and promptly said “I’m not sorry!” to make up for the humiliation.

At the end of the night (11:30) Caroline called elimination and Uriah out maneuvered Liz to take the win again. Uriah also called and won another 4 Square Challenge. Whoopdidoo! Congratulations Uriah, you’re making this a regular thing!

Also, 4SEB was on the radio this week! Dara came out from Crosscurrents, a show about Bay Area life and culture, to tape sounds and interviews with many players and painted a picture of our square to a larger audience. Listen to the segment here at Crosscurrents website. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention that one of the new players, Emily, also did a story on us for Oakland Local and finally made it to the square to play! And she brought her friends which is the real way to spread the word! Read her insights about our urban game here on Oakland Local’s blog.

Lastly, the Four Square World Championships are happening this Saturday in Bridgton, Maine so we are sending our love and support to all those players who are about to put their bodies on the line for the game that we all hold close to our hearts. Check out the action at squarefour.org and look for Oakland CA to be in the winner’s circle in the future. Until next time, 4 Squares, 1 Love…


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