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It’s a Kids Game…

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If you didn’t know one of the main ways that 4SEB recruits new players is by hollering at them as they walk through the Rockridge BART parking lot. Usually, people shy away from our awesomeness but on a couple occasions this technique works. Last night it worked wonders as 4SEB grabbed it’s first 5 year old player! Along with his momma and dadda, this family from Russia helped open up the square and bring smiles to all of the faces in line.

C’mon, look at this kid! He is soooooooo cute! He’s wearing a CAPE and kicking butt in the square! This kid, we’ll call him ‘Appa,’ is a natural square player and could be the future of our game. He had the moves and was soon ordering all of the players around, grabbing them and pulling them back into line so he could get them out. We’re gonna bring him to the World Championships next year as our secret weapon. Think about it, our awesomeness and his cuteness? We’d be UNSTOPPABLE.

There was a lot of talk of going to the World Championships as the game progressed. It’s seems pretty decided that 4SEB will be represented there, in one way or another. We practiced last night with ‘tournament rules’ which can be found on the Square Four website. Come to the square and talk to us so we can get a squad together and represent.

The squad from last night: Uriah, Jordan, Sam, Mike, Mike, the Russian Family, Adam, Travis, Paul and Ezar. Also, Krissy came back to spend some of her spring break (SPRIIINGG BRREEEAAAAAK!!!) with us and kick our butts. Another huge shout goes to DJ Odiaka (he runs the Fresh Jamz party, if you don’t know) for bringing a dope mix and opening a can of whoopass on anyone who wanted some. And thanks to Liz and Ang for feeding the folks in the parking lot with hot BBQ. We appreciated the food but missed you!

There were a bunch of folks to call the 4 Square Challenge and this time TWO succeed! Clap it up for Uriah and Jordan! They’re so cool, they get the Hipstamatic iPhone pictures…

After some great action, including a couple of hilarious rounds of ‘Kung Fu Animal Square’, elimination rolled in around midnight. Most of the players got themselves out and Travis faced off against Mike for the final showdown. The round was succinct and Mike walked away with the victory and gets another picture on the web! And he looks awesome…

That’s the wrap up! Be sure to come and play games with us every Thursday! Everybody says they’re always gonna come out but it don’t mean nothing till you actually show up… so don’t talk about it, be about it! Then after you’ve been about it, tweet about it! Just be sure that you are following @4squareeastbay 😉 Oh and check out the new reality web series ‘FOUR’ by our homie Adam Kontras from LA who’s been working hard on production and promotion. View a new episode every Sunday starting in April 2010! Be good, you squares!


Sprung offa Spring

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Breath in. Smell that? Smells like life! The sun is shining and the weather is warm… now is the time for rebirth and beauty. And, of course, 4 Square. As things get nicer the people of the East Bay open up (like flowers) and return to the streets. Smiles appear and clothes lessen. But most importantly, the people play 4 Square.

Now don’t get it twisted, 4SEB acts like the Evergreen, we’re here alllllll year long, but that don’t mean that we don’t appreciate the good weather. We’ve played in rain and hail so a warm breeze is a welcome reprieve from a winter of cold. Plus you get to show everyone your cool T-Shirt that was hiding under your hoodie/sweater/scarf/snuggie since November. The only downfall is that while flip-flops seem appealing during the day, it’s an added challenge to play the game while showing your toes.

Thursday was beautiful! The game was relaxed and everyone was in good spirits. That is, everyone who wasn’t hung over from St. Patrick’s Day. Players included Mike, Paul, Uriah, Adam, Angie, Liz, Mike (a different one), Sam, Jordan, newcomer Ashley and the game featured the return of Rachel! There were even enough folks to pull off a couple rounds of ‘Doubles’ where the squares get twice the love as eight players smash on balls at the same time. The night had rules like ‘sit-on-the-ground’ square, the famed Pirate rule, Countries of the World, and a couple of St Paddy’s Day inspired rules like ‘things that are lucky’ and ‘things that are green.’ Inappropriate comments ensued. The most confusing rule of the night was inspired by two non-players (seriously, they just sat in their car and watched for like an hour) who didn’t want to play 4 Square, but were into the idea of Dodgeball (ugh). The ‘Dodgeball’ rule was then invented which is too complicated to explain. Guess you’ll just have to show up to play and find out. The night was rounded off with ‘On Deck’ Square where the first person in line takes up space in the middle of the square and if a player hits them with the ball, that player is out. It’s fun and dangerous, just the way we like it.

At some point, after much trying, whining and pouting, Sam called and won the 4 Square Challenge and was ecstatic as his face will now be on the internet. Congrats, you’re semi-famous for a moment.

The game ended around 11:30 and after a rousing double-elimination, Paul edged out Liz for the victory. He then struck the pose of the victorious. Way to stay to the end and win!

That’s it for this week! As stated earlier, the weather is getting nicer so you should tell your friends and family to get out of the house and have some fun. We’re always around and we’ve missed you… See you next week!

Beast from the East

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Thursday’s 4 Square game was EPIC! Just look at the happy people dancing about! And they’re not even playing the game! Craziness…

This week we welcomed back Tavit (from NYC) to our home in the Rockridge BART Station parking lot and manifested some coastal unity on the asphalt. If you didn’t know, Mr. Tavit runs the Brooklyn chapter of our great 4 Square network and is one of the founders of they style of square carried on by 4SEB. Give respect, show love, but don’t let him get you out. Additional players included new-comers Edwardo, Adam, Mali and Paul, regulars Angie, Liz, Uriah, Mike, Sam, Jordan and Caroline and long lost friends of the square Gabe and Sarah. Jessie and Austin did ride-bys on their bikes to say ‘Waaaassssupppp?!’ before pedaling off to do less fun things.

The action was off the chains from the very beginning as players came 0n strong, slapping balls around, sending people running. Rules started popping up and this excitement was capped off by a 15 second spin round that sent the ball shooting towards an onlooking bottle. Unfortunately for the bottle it did not survive. Instead it exploded in spectacular movie fashion. Glass was cleaned up, but the moves got dirtier. Players were vicious (yet friendly) forcing everyone to step up their game. To combat any potential feelings of animosity brought on by the increased intensity the line broke into a lovely rendition of ‘Lean On Me’ where everyone ended up leaning on each other.

Many good rules were called like the ‘Party in your own square’ rule but the one that took the night by storm had to be ‘Strip Square’ (thanks Sarah). Simply put, you gotta remove an article of clothing after you hit the ball. Don’t worry, nothing X rated happened because everyone found out that it is remarkably hard to pull a sweatshirt over your head and return a ball at the same time. Still…

At midnight, elimination was called for and after a couple fierce rounds, the final battle lines were drawn with Sarah on one side and Gabe on the other. The duel was spectacular with many cross-square shots, lobs, hard hits and trickery, but in the end Sarah’s shoe flew off her foot as Gabe made a diving corner shot for the win. As stated at the beginning … EPIC! Congrats Gabe, enjoy the spoils of your victory!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, check again next week when there will be another recap! Perhaps you will be in it?

Pretty sure 4 Square happened … I think…

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Whoops! This blogger had to leave the square early last night so the pithy play-by-play is gonna have to be imagined. What I can say is that the MUSIC IS BACK! Sam busted out his old boombox (dubbed a ‘ghetto blaster’ by a less-than-PC Travis) and threw on a mixed CD to get the square rocking. The boombox slapped so hard that it made the CD skip… now that’s some good bass 🙂 The scene was set for a great night as bundles of folks showed up and started playing before 9:30. Shout out to Uriah, Angie, Liz, Travis, Jordan, Phil, John, Sam, Ezar and the other famous people who stopped by! Way to play games and shit… Phil brought vegan pizza, Jordan was slanging chocolate croissants and someone busted out the giant bubble maker. Seemed like it was shaping up to be a dandy night to play 4 Square…

The game … happened … I’m assuming. Ummm … this is awkward. Here are some pictures of Anna Kournikova playing 4 Square and LOVING IT!

In the end, a man named Jon won the ending elimination rounds. I don’t know if it was the same Jon from a couple weeks ago, but if so congratulations! If it’s another dude named Jon (or John) then you get props too. Yay!

Also if you haven’t checked out for results from the Four Square World Championships, do that right now. You know you’re gonna waste your time anyway, why not do it here?

See you all next week!