Pretty sure 4 Square happened … I think…

Whoops! This blogger had to leave the square early last night so the pithy play-by-play is gonna have to be imagined. What I can say is that the MUSIC IS BACK! Sam busted out his old boombox (dubbed a ‘ghetto blaster’ by a less-than-PC Travis) and threw on a mixed CD to get the square rocking. The boombox slapped so hard that it made the CD skip… now that’s some good bass 🙂 The scene was set for a great night as bundles of folks showed up and started playing before 9:30. Shout out to Uriah, Angie, Liz, Travis, Jordan, Phil, John, Sam, Ezar and the other famous people who stopped by! Way to play games and shit… Phil brought vegan pizza, Jordan was slanging chocolate croissants and someone busted out the giant bubble maker. Seemed like it was shaping up to be a dandy night to play 4 Square…

The game … happened … I’m assuming. Ummm … this is awkward. Here are some pictures of Anna Kournikova playing 4 Square and LOVING IT!

In the end, a man named Jon won the ending elimination rounds. I don’t know if it was the same Jon from a couple weeks ago, but if so congratulations! If it’s another dude named Jon (or John) then you get props too. Yay!

Also if you haven’t checked out for results from the Four Square World Championships, do that right now. You know you’re gonna waste your time anyway, why not do it here?

See you all next week!


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