It’s a Kids Game…

If you didn’t know one of the main ways that 4SEB recruits new players is by hollering at them as they walk through the Rockridge BART parking lot. Usually, people shy away from our awesomeness but on a couple occasions this technique works. Last night it worked wonders as 4SEB grabbed it’s first 5 year old player! Along with his momma and dadda, this family from Russia helped open up the square and bring smiles to all of the faces in line.

C’mon, look at this kid! He is soooooooo cute! He’s wearing a CAPE and kicking butt in the square! This kid, we’ll call him ‘Appa,’ is a natural square player and could be the future of our game. He had the moves and was soon ordering all of the players around, grabbing them and pulling them back into line so he could get them out. We’re gonna bring him to the World Championships next year as our secret weapon. Think about it, our awesomeness and his cuteness? We’d be UNSTOPPABLE.

There was a lot of talk of going to the World Championships as the game progressed. It’s seems pretty decided that 4SEB will be represented there, in one way or another. We practiced last night with ‘tournament rules’ which can be found on the Square Four website. Come to the square and talk to us so we can get a squad together and represent.

The squad from last night: Uriah, Jordan, Sam, Mike, Mike, the Russian Family, Adam, Travis, Paul and Ezar. Also, Krissy came back to spend some of her spring break (SPRIIINGG BRREEEAAAAAK!!!) with us and kick our butts. Another huge shout goes to DJ Odiaka (he runs the Fresh Jamz party, if you don’t know) for bringing a dope mix and opening a can of whoopass on anyone who wanted some. And thanks to Liz and Ang for feeding the folks in the parking lot with hot BBQ. We appreciated the food but missed you!

There were a bunch of folks to call the 4 Square Challenge and this time TWO succeed! Clap it up for Uriah and Jordan! They’re so cool, they get the Hipstamatic iPhone pictures…

After some great action, including a couple of hilarious rounds of ‘Kung Fu Animal Square’, elimination rolled in around midnight. Most of the players got themselves out and Travis faced off against Mike for the final showdown. The round was succinct and Mike walked away with the victory and gets another picture on the web! And he looks awesome…

That’s the wrap up! Be sure to come and play games with us every Thursday! Everybody says they’re always gonna come out but it don’t mean nothing till you actually show up… so don’t talk about it, be about it! Then after you’ve been about it, tweet about it! Just be sure that you are following @4squareeastbay 😉 Oh and check out the new reality web series ‘FOUR’ by our homie Adam Kontras from LA who’s been working hard on production and promotion. View a new episode every Sunday starting in April 2010! Be good, you squares!


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