Actin’ Foolish!

4 Square fell on April 1st this year which meant that the parking lot was filled with fools. Foolish fools acting all foolish. After a quick blast on the internet stating that the weekly game of 4 Square would be replaced by Dodgeball, the games commenced. Of course, no one actually knew that there was an April Fools gag about playing dodgeball (except for Uriah and Jordan) because no one is really RTing @4squareeastbay and it seems that people didn’t check their facebook enough to make the last minute joke happen. Instead of throngs of eager dodgeball players showing up in the parking lot and then being won over by the unstoppable appeal of the square, we had many regulars and returns who were just looking to smack some balls around. Those players were: Uriah, Travis, Jordan, Mike, Mike, Angela, Liz, Paul, Adam, Sam and Caroline. 4SEB welcomed back Will, Lee (AKA Wicked Balls) and Jeff (we love it when he shows up because it’s almost like an unofficial endorsement by Oaklandish) along with new-comer Jerome, who was introduced to us at the Radio Regatta over the summer… Good for all of you, dodgeball sucks anyway.

The game was silly and great, as could be expected on International Fools Day. Disputes were solved with duels, countries were shouted out, there were party’s in the square, an impromptu doubles round was played (but never actually asked for) and people were called fools. The night moved swiftly and laughter was heard all around, punctuated by the occasional expletive as someone got themselves out. Here is a picture from a round of ‘On Deck’ square where the first person in line takes up space in the middle of the square and hopes not to be hit.

The night had a bunch of 4 Square Challenges called but two made it to the ‘A’ Square within the three rounds require to complete the challenge. Congrats Lee and Paul, you made fools of all of us.

The night ended with a kick butt elimination round that ended with another victory by Uriah. Check out his shirt, it’s what winners wear.

So in conclusion, if you didn’t play 4 Square on April 1st you are just a fool. But don’t worry! You’ve got a chance to be cool for the entire month! Not only does 4SEB meet every Thursday in the Rockridge BART Station Parking lot from 9pm till midnight, but all of April is BRING A FRIEND MONTH! The player who introduces the most friends to the game gets a prize in May. How cool is that?

Also, everyone mark their calendars cuz we’ve got two awesome events coming up that are gonna need you (and your friends) to make them extra-awesomesauce.

The first is a Pancake Breakfast/4 Square Tournament on Sunday, April 18th from 10am to around 2:30 in Oakland. Click the link for the facebook event info! We’d love to see you there to eat pancakes and play square. There will be a trophy.

The second HUGE event is the Oakland Museum’s Reopening Two Day Party the weekend of May 1st. 4SEB will be there on SUNDAY, MAY 2nd for a SIX HOUR 4 SQUARE MARATHON from 11am to 5pm. The whole thing is FREE and there will be music, games, exhibits and general good fun/community merry making. Lets all get together and hang out at the museum!

Put those events down and look for yourself in next week’s post! Peaces!


One Response to “Actin’ Foolish!”

  1. jordanator Says:

    <3these blogs sam; they make me so happy. Have fun tonight, & I should be able to make it next week. dundundun!~jbzy aka the jordanator

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