Double your fun!

April is BRING A FRIEND month for 4 Square East Bay! If you don’t know, we wanna introduce HELLLA new faces to the square so that folks can get out in their community, get some exercise, meet people and have a great time. That’s what we are all about… and whoopin’ yo butt at 4 Square.

The evening was a little chillier than the day but that didn’t stop folks from coming out. The parking lot is under construction but luckily the fenced off zone only complimented our usual playing space instead of covering it up. The chain link fence provide a perfect backdrop for the line to stand by and hang their hoodies up. The night started out with a new, more compact and tougher ball (thanks to Gabby) which made the game even MORE intense (as if it were possible). The great weather brought players and friends together and we all played games. Shout out to Lee, Gabby, Travis, Uriah, Mike, Angie, Liz, Mike, Paul, Adam and Sam for being regulars. Shout out to returning ballers Phoebe, Nick, Vi, Rachel, Joia and Erica (we missed you!). And BIG SHOUT to the new playas Robert, Martin, Nicole and Pia! You guys f-in rocked and we love you for it. Now be our friend on facebook đŸ™‚

A funny thing happens when there are a bunch of people at 4 Square. Folks get tired of waiting in the long ass line so around 10:45 the restless players (ie the ones that got out!) set up another square to get their game on and practice their moves. It’s always lovely when the game is so hot that people want to spread out and play as much as possible. So for the first time in 2010, 4SEB taped out another square for folks to play in. Yeah community! Let’s keep it up and take over the entire parking lot!

As people rotated between the two squares, back at Square 1 battle lines were drawn. Many issued the 4 Square challenge, but again, only few succeed. Way to go Lee and Sam, you’re almost celebrities.

After closing out Square 2, everyone gathered back at Square 1 for some awesome final rounds before elimination was called. The line ran long but in the end Vi took advantage of Adam and squeezed out the victory. A great job considering he’s coming off a serious shoulder injury. Next time you see you, give him a hug, but not too hard. Congratulations Vi!

In conclusion, you better start to show up to 4 Square early or you’ll be stuck in the line. Also, BRING YOUR FRIENDS! You do want to win a prize don’t you? As it stands Paul is in the lead with 2 points, followed a 3-way tie between Uriah, Sam, Joia & Erica (joint team) with 1 point each. Keep it up cuz May is coming sooner than you know and we want the parking lot to be full. Of people. Not cars.

Also, on Sunday, April 18th there is the pancake breakfast/4 Square tournament! We need you there to eat, play and support a good cause! Check the link for all the info and get ready for FUN! Okay everyone, enjoy the spring because it’s here! See you in the square next week. You could be in a picture just like this…


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