Smack Taxes!

This Thursday was April 15th, also know as TAX DAY! Did you file? Did you get an extension? Do you even make enough money to register on the Government’s radar? At 4SEB we know all about being broke. That’s why we’ve created an event that is FREE FOR EVERYONE! Of course, if you want to give to the chalk and ball fund (which pays for chalk, balls, tape and batteries for the boombox) we aren’t gonna stop you. We might even write you a receipt so you can deduct your donation from next year’s taxes!

The game play was all about releasing stress and getting ready for the big Pancake Breakfast/4 Square Tournament on Sunday (register by 11:30am, games start at noon). Because of the looming specter of possibly winning this tourney, not many silly rules were called making players focus more on the pure elements of their game. Of course, the spin rule, the pirate rule and ‘Countries of the World’ made an appearance along with the new ‘Hi-Five’ rule in which the player who gets out runs down the line, hi-fiving everyone. It’s totally a feel good rule, you should really try it. But the game was still fierce and everyone got pumped for Sunday. After being sick of losing in Square 1, Sam chalked out Square 2 to get more action. After a shaky start, both squares were full of ballers fighting for the top spot. The players in the lot were Mike, Vi, Angie, Lee, Mike, Caroline, Sam, Uriah, Jordan, Travis, Liz, Paul, Rachel and Jon. Returning players were Rebecca, Robert, Leah and Jerome and (because April is ‘Bring a Friend Month’) we got a whole bunch of new faces! They were Mac (from Angie), Gram (from Jon), Rebecca (from Travis), and Casey, Ryan and Kyle (all from Jerome).

The 4 Square challenge has become super popular and this week we had three players to complete it. Ain’t nothing new here, the winners were Uriah, Jordan and Paul. This blog is gonna have more pictures of them than their facebook pages…

We closed out Square 2 around 11:45 and everyone lined up around Square 1 for the final moments of the night. It was fierce from the beginning as players were bounced out, but it all came down to Uriah and newcomer Mac battling it out. It ended in a victory by Uriah and a grand round of applause for everyone else. Who knew that Uriah was gonna win?

And that was tax day! Who knew it could be so fun? Awesomely enough, the day after tax day (4/16) = FOUR SQUARE DAY! Why? Do the math… I think that the Four Square Social Location Media Check-In thing had a bunch of deals going on. But whatever, ain’t no deals in our 4 Square game, just whoopass. The leaderboard for ‘Bring a Friend Month’ stands as such: Jerome – 3, Paul – 2, Angie – 1, Sam – 1, Travis – 1, Uriah -1, Erica/Joia – 1. We want your friends to be our friends! Hope to see everyone out at the Pancake Breakfast/4 Square Tournament this Sunday, April 18th! Look for a recap of the games and a video to follow! Holla!


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