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Moon Over 4 Square

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What a strange, strange day the East Bay had on Thursday. The weather was crazier than Janelle Monae’s new album and our city was blasted by wind, downpours, thunder and some good ol’ Cali sunshine. Though a little damp and wet, it all became clear as night fell. The clouds parted to reveal the true culprit of the mysteriously odd goings-on: the moon was full. Under its powerful reflected light and intense gravitational effects, regular people transformed into beasts and ripped into each others guts. This probably explains why the games played in the square were so brutal. Everyone was a werewolf.

Reminiscent of ‘No Mercy Mondays,’ this Thursday games had a noticeable lack of rules. No spinning, no pirates or zombies, no breakfast cereals or birds or things that live under water, nothing like that! It was all about taking your opponents out and obnoxiously celebrating your victory. That might have had something to do with the fact that it was the last night of ‘Movie May’ and people were encouraged to act hard and posture for the camera. In truth, 4SEB is a very friendly group of people who enjoy the silly, but if we wanna represent on the nation stage of the internet, we gotta look badass. That means be a jerk. At least for the camera.

The jerks from last night were Robert, Uriah, Vi, Liz, Angie, Sam, Joia, Mike, Rachel, Gabby, Lee, Hannah, Mandel, Mike, Jordan and Charlie. New players were Loren and Audrey who went beast mode on fools and left the square dripping in other people’s blood. Not really, but it felt that way. Successful 4 Square challenge were hard to come by, but one player made it not once, but twice. Wow, that’s nice. Waytago Robert, here is your picture on the blog!

The games were ruthlessly exhausting but addictive. It was like once a person got a taste, they needed more. Injuries happened, but players played through. Some attempted to call elimination before midnight only to be shouted down. When it finally did happen, everyone went in for the kill. After the dust settled and body parts were strewn across the parking lot, Adam lifted his head and howled at the moon. Way to eat up all opponents…

It was fun as always with lots of laughs amidst the competition. Maybe people are feeling the summer approaching, maybe they were thinking about the World Championships, maybe they were just drunk, but the skill level of 4SEB has really stepped up. We intend on showing the world how good we are (and how fun it is) in our new video which should be coming out later in June. Speaking of June, 4 Square of the East Bay is TURNING TWO YEARS OLD! The party is gonna happen on June 17th in the Rockridge BART station parking lot… WOW! Who could have known that a random whim started by a couple of guys with balls, chalk and a myspace page could have blossomed into to this awesome little community? Well, let me tell you, WE KNEW! Thanks for being great to us and making the games happen for the past two years. Bring all your friends and let’s keep it going!



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Check it out… these kids could whoop ur butt if they got the chance…

Thanks so much to the Oakland Museum for having us! Hopefully they’ll invite us back to play games at their next event! Whoooot!

Also the music is ‘Back On My Feet’ by Dreamdate (they’re from Oakland!!!)

Do You Like Fish Sticks?

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Movie May is in full effect! And the effect is NIGHTSHOT! That’s right, for the past 3 weeks the camera has been present at the square to catch all of your moves, be they awesome or dick, and put them on the internet. Can’t you feel the excitement? We’ve got one more week to film and then we get to put together another video to dazzle the 4 Square world! If you haven’t shown up, do so next week and show out!

The games on Thursday were well worth filming. There was a lot of crazy action and a lot more shit talk. As people did each other wrong in the square, they did each other right in the line. There was candy from France courtesy of Caroline and it was consumed with a gusto by all ballers. Also, it was revealed that almost everyone one at 4 Square hates Kanye West. Like, with a passion. Evidently, it’s okay to cocky and arrogant in the square but not onstage in Taylor Swift’s face. The people who were interrupted by Kanyeezy last night were: Jordan, Lee, Liz, Angie, Mike, Uriah, Adam, Rachel, Robert, Caroline and Vi. 4SEB also saw a set of less regular players who were auto-tuned into the square … shout to Gus, Jen, Karl and first-timer Charlie. You played great, like an old soul sample all sped up and made into Jay-Z beat.

Rules were around, but it was mostly about the game. 4 Square challenges are becoming increasingly difficult to win and many, many players were shut down. You gotta be ruthless and sometimes it’s too hard to stop having a good time and focus on clobbering to win. Oh well. The night did have one winner (after multiple tries) and we must give him props. Congrats Lee, you have climbed to the mountain top all by yourself. You can come back down anytime…

Midnight brought elimination and with it the thrill of competition. Everyone lined up, most got out and after much cursing and grabbing the microphone, Sam and Caroline did battle. It was brutal and gruesome but Sam emerged as victor and gets his picture on the blog for the second week in a row. Can he go for three next week? Not if you stop him…

And if you’ve read this far, you are basically done with the recap! Pat yourself on the back. 4 Square of the East Bay would like to say that even if our players hate Kanye West, it doesn’t mean that they hate you. Show up and play with us and see how fun it can be! Summer is almost here and we wanna keep our sport going. If you know people who know people, bring them all to the Rockridge BART Station parking lot on a Thursday night and see what happens. We live the good life while gold-digging the slow jamz on our new workout plan so don’t mind the flashing lights, just touch the sky, drive slow and keep the love locked down. And remember, Beyonce had the best video of all time…

Bike to Square Day!

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Thursday was Bike to Work Day for Northern California. Started 16 years ago, this day is designed to get your ass out off the car and on to the seat of your bike. There is nothing like the scent of sweat first thing in the morning at the job. All those pheromones being released… is that the smell of office romance? Yeah, biking… it’s the new spring fever. To celebrate 4SEB sent out the call to bike to the square for the games! We figured that some folks wouldn’t have the chance to bike to work (maybe because they didn’t check they’re facebook soon enough?) so for all those who felt guilty for missing out or for those who wanted to continue the endorphin rush from the exercise of the commute, 4 Square welcomes you. You’re sweaty bodies are just what we need to fill the squares.

The games reflected the day: fast and eco friendly with a whole lot of dodging cars. We keep forgetting that we play in a parking lot. The square got a nice re-taping and the lines popped out like a reflective vest. Still, yelling and arguing over questionable hits were audible from across the lot. We hope that this banter generates interest from passers-by so much so that they want to play with us. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they just like to be drunk, hang around and be creepy. That’s really not cool so if you are thinking about doing that, DON’T! As much as we like playing, we are not performers. Get ur shit together, participate in social activities and if you are drunk, don’t drive. Biking is much safer for those around you.

Quick roll call of players: Uriah, Lee, Jordan, Angie, Liz, Robert, Sam, Caroline, Mike, Adam and Travis. Also, Rachel showed up with hella people! If you had done this during ‘Bring a Friend Month’ you would have been the winner, no doubt about it. Shout out to Adria, Kelsey, Emily and Alexi! You’re 4 Square cherry has been popped and you were sooOOO good… come back for more next Thursday…

Games went over time (awesome!) because the competition was so fierce and though many 4 Square Challenges were called, not a single player was able to clinch victory. People are getting wise to the game and some players look to crush the dreams of a challenge as soon as it’s declared. Oh well, such is life in the Square. Sure, we can talk and laugh in line, but ain’t nothing nice happening when we step into the boxes. Elimination was called sometime after midnight and everyone was taken out except for Adam and Sam. It seemed to be a replay of a duel that happened earlier in the night where Adam dominated Sam, but a last minute slip up gave Sam the win. And just look how much he appreciates it. Way to go!

That’s what happened on Thursday night in the Rockridge BART Parking lot! Aren’t you getting tired of just reading the recaps without experiencing the rush of the game? Don’t worry! You can solve that by SHOWING UP NEXT THURSDAY! Don’t make me repeat, the info… you already know where and when it all goes down… ALSO, Oakland’s very own CAPTURE THE FLAG is returning to Frank Ogawa Plaza (Oakland City Hall, 12th St BART) this coming Tuesday (May 18th) from 7:30pm to 10pm. Get your urban game on! 4SEB has gotta show much love to CTF because without their inspiration, 4 Square would have never gotten started in the Bay Area. Do them a favor, show up and run around! Lates, folks… see you somewhere on the urban playground that is our city.

May Daze…

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The month of May is upon us and it’s moving fast! We already saw red on May Day and celebrated Cinco De Mayo which has left everyone debating whether people should or should not boycott the State of Arizona. In the midst of political turmoil, a group of great and unique individuals gathered in the Rockridge BART Station parking lot to play 4 Square and laugh off some of the injustice of the modern world. Fresh from our successful showing at the Oakland Museum, players gathered in our familiar spot to get it poppin’…

Ballers on Thursday were Angie, Liz, Uriah, Sam, Gabby, Lee, Robert, Mike, Jordan, Caroline, Mike, Rachel, Paul, Joia, Erica and Adam. They were joined by oft-missed players Pia, Jesse and Mandel and by first timers Robbie and Vicky. There were rules too… Countries of the World, the Bird Rule, a couple of Spin Rounds, Non-Dominant Hand, Hop On One Foot, Jump Out of the Square and the Dance Rule. Gotta say, the rules crack people up. They are so funny to watch/be a part of and they are part of what makes the environment under the BART tracks so welcoming. Don’t stop what you’re doing, folks, cuz you’re doing just fine…

Around 10:30 Square 2 busted onto the scene and the long line was split. This is great for improving a player’s skill as they are able to show off with less of a wait. Towards the end of the night multiple 4 Square Challenges were called and almost all ended in failure. Only one baller was able to outlast the onslaught and triumph. Liz, we all knew you were a player, but tonight you are a winner too!

Elimination showed up around 11:30. Yells of frustration and celebration echoed throughout the parking lot as the contenders were whittled down to the final two. Lee and Adam faced off and after a flurry of furious hits, Lee’s perseverance won him the round. Congratulations Lee, your win is noted and blogged about!

That wraps up the first recap of May! In addition to being API Heritage month, 4SEB is also celebrating ‘Movie May’ where in which a video camera shows up to the Square, tapes players making moves and cuts together 4SEB: Episode II (a follow up to the ever-popular Episode I). Also, we are now an event/location on foursquare! Check in with us the next time you play… Don’t forget, Sunday May 9th is MOTHER’S DAY! Love ur momma and let her know! See you next week!

Reflections on the Oakland Museum’s Reopening…

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If you didn’t know, this weekend the Oakland Museum threw open its doors and exhibits for all to come and enjoy. Read all about the reactions to this epic event on with Oakland Local’s ongoing coverage, or take a photo tour through Oakland Seen or read about the open ceremony by life long Oaklander William Wong. This celebration lasted 31 hours, from 11am Saturday, May 1st to 6pm Sunday, May 2nd. People from all around showed up to experience the newly redesigned museum and bask in the wonderfulness that is Oakland. Many, many great activities went down at the Museum (hula hoop workshops, non-stop Bhangra, panels on radical creativity, an all night dance party, a pancake breakfast, yoga classes and open exhibits) and 4 Square of the East Bay was invited to host a 6 hour marathon square by the Koi pond on Sunday. What else can we say? We held it down to represent for all of the playas and ballas from coast to coast, but mainly, we did it for the East Bay.

The crowd was a wonderful mix of young, middle and elders and the game was never short of players. Sometimes the line got so long that it wrapped back on itself making it so much sweeter when you got in. The kids ruled for most of the time, but the older (maybe not wiser) players managed to work their way to the top. 4SEB had printed up bookmarks with the rules in hopes of getting everyone on the same page, but soon after the game started this idea was thrown out and the main rules became “Don’t hit the people who are eating or selling food. Don’t hit the ball in to the Koi pond.” The main object was for everyone to have a good time and, overall, we think we accomplished that. There were those who got called out unjustly or stayed in longer than they should have, but no one got mad. In a game that’s all about turn-over no one player dominated the square and all got a chance to play. Of course, even the mad scrambling of children and the bouncing of brightly colored balls can go unnoticed. Multiple times the game had to be stopped because some wayward museum visitor would find themselves in the middle of the square without even realizing it. Some laughed it off, some put on faces of disgust, some even jointed the game. Hopefully, we made more friends than we did enemies.

At around 5pm, we ended the way we usually end, with an elimination round. The crowd had dwindled and final players were mostly adults, some who had been watching for hours and had finally worked up the courage to play. At the end of it all, a Thursday regular won the last round and took home the win. Congratulations Adam! You’re historic victory could end up in the museum one day…

4 Square of the East Bay would like to thank everyone involved in making this a kid-friendly, community-smiley, warm-and-fuzzy event. We’re glad to have been a part of the celebration. Shout out to Snowy and Rebecca for being our Oakland Museum contacts and for having our backs. Shout out to Sam, Lee, Jordan, Phil, Paul, Robert and Uriah for holding it down all day, for monitoring the energy, for calling kids out when they were out and for catching all the stray balls so that they didn’t hit people. Shout out to the regular Thursday players Adam, Mike, Gabby and Travis for showing up and showing everyone how it’s done. Shout out to the Strive For crew (Rebeccah, Adam, Matt and Amanda) for showing up and supporting. And final huge shout to all the people who stepped in the square and played with all their hearts. These type of things couldn’t happen without you and 4SEB couldn’t be more grateful. It can be summed up simply: We Hella ❤ Oakland.