May Daze…

The month of May is upon us and it’s moving fast! We already saw red on May Day and celebrated Cinco De Mayo which has left everyone debating whether people should or should not boycott the State of Arizona. In the midst of political turmoil, a group of great and unique individuals gathered in the Rockridge BART Station parking lot to play 4 Square and laugh off some of the injustice of the modern world. Fresh from our successful showing at the Oakland Museum, players gathered in our familiar spot to get it poppin’…

Ballers on Thursday were Angie, Liz, Uriah, Sam, Gabby, Lee, Robert, Mike, Jordan, Caroline, Mike, Rachel, Paul, Joia, Erica and Adam. They were joined by oft-missed players Pia, Jesse and Mandel and by first timers Robbie and Vicky. There were rules too… Countries of the World, the Bird Rule, a couple of Spin Rounds, Non-Dominant Hand, Hop On One Foot, Jump Out of the Square and the Dance Rule. Gotta say, the rules crack people up. They are so funny to watch/be a part of and they are part of what makes the environment under the BART tracks so welcoming. Don’t stop what you’re doing, folks, cuz you’re doing just fine…

Around 10:30 Square 2 busted onto the scene and the long line was split. This is great for improving a player’s skill as they are able to show off with less of a wait. Towards the end of the night multiple 4 Square Challenges were called and almost all ended in failure. Only one baller was able to outlast the onslaught and triumph. Liz, we all knew you were a player, but tonight you are a winner too!

Elimination showed up around 11:30. Yells of frustration and celebration echoed throughout the parking lot as the contenders were whittled down to the final two. Lee and Adam faced off and after a flurry of furious hits, Lee’s perseverance won him the round. Congratulations Lee, your win is noted and blogged about!

That wraps up the first recap of May! In addition to being API Heritage month, 4SEB is also celebrating ‘Movie May’ where in which a video camera shows up to the Square, tapes players making moves and cuts together 4SEB: Episode II (a follow up to the ever-popular Episode I). Also, we are now an event/location on foursquare! Check in with us the next time you play… Don’t forget, Sunday May 9th is MOTHER’S DAY! Love ur momma and let her know! See you next week!


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