Bike to Square Day!

Thursday was Bike to Work Day for Northern California. Started 16 years ago, this day is designed to get your ass out off the car and on to the seat of your bike. There is nothing like the scent of sweat first thing in the morning at the job. All those pheromones being released… is that the smell of office romance? Yeah, biking… it’s the new spring fever. To celebrate 4SEB sent out the call to bike to the square for the games! We figured that some folks wouldn’t have the chance to bike to work (maybe because they didn’t check they’re facebook soon enough?) so for all those who felt guilty for missing out or for those who wanted to continue the endorphin rush from the exercise of the commute, 4 Square welcomes you. You’re sweaty bodies are just what we need to fill the squares.

The games reflected the day: fast and eco friendly with a whole lot of dodging cars. We keep forgetting that we play in a parking lot. The square got a nice re-taping and the lines popped out like a reflective vest. Still, yelling and arguing over questionable hits were audible from across the lot. We hope that this banter generates interest from passers-by so much so that they want to play with us. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they just like to be drunk, hang around and be creepy. That’s really not cool so if you are thinking about doing that, DON’T! As much as we like playing, we are not performers. Get ur shit together, participate in social activities and if you are drunk, don’t drive. Biking is much safer for those around you.

Quick roll call of players: Uriah, Lee, Jordan, Angie, Liz, Robert, Sam, Caroline, Mike, Adam and Travis. Also, Rachel showed up with hella people! If you had done this during ‘Bring a Friend Month’ you would have been the winner, no doubt about it. Shout out to Adria, Kelsey, Emily and Alexi! You’re 4 Square cherry has been popped and you were sooOOO good… come back for more next Thursday…

Games went over time (awesome!) because the competition was so fierce and though many 4 Square Challenges were called, not a single player was able to clinch victory. People are getting wise to the game and some players look to crush the dreams of a challenge as soon as it’s declared. Oh well, such is life in the Square. Sure, we can talk and laugh in line, but ain’t nothing nice happening when we step into the boxes. Elimination was called sometime after midnight and everyone was taken out except for Adam and Sam. It seemed to be a replay of a duel that happened earlier in the night where Adam dominated Sam, but a last minute slip up gave Sam the win. And just look how much he appreciates it. Way to go!

That’s what happened on Thursday night in the Rockridge BART Parking lot! Aren’t you getting tired of just reading the recaps without experiencing the rush of the game? Don’t worry! You can solve that by SHOWING UP NEXT THURSDAY! Don’t make me repeat, the info… you already know where and when it all goes down… ALSO, Oakland’s very own CAPTURE THE FLAG is returning to Frank Ogawa Plaza (Oakland City Hall, 12th St BART) this coming Tuesday (May 18th) from 7:30pm to 10pm. Get your urban game on! 4SEB has gotta show much love to CTF because without their inspiration, 4 Square would have never gotten started in the Bay Area. Do them a favor, show up and run around! Lates, folks… see you somewhere on the urban playground that is our city.


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