Do You Like Fish Sticks?

Movie May is in full effect! And the effect is NIGHTSHOT! That’s right, for the past 3 weeks the camera has been present at the square to catch all of your moves, be they awesome or dick, and put them on the internet. Can’t you feel the excitement? We’ve got one more week to film and then we get to put together another video to dazzle the 4 Square world! If you haven’t shown up, do so next week and show out!

The games on Thursday were well worth filming. There was a lot of crazy action and a lot more shit talk. As people did each other wrong in the square, they did each other right in the line. There was candy from France courtesy of Caroline and it was consumed with a gusto by all ballers. Also, it was revealed that almost everyone one at 4 Square hates Kanye West. Like, with a passion. Evidently, it’s okay to cocky and arrogant in the square but not onstage in Taylor Swift’s face. The people who were interrupted by Kanyeezy last night were: Jordan, Lee, Liz, Angie, Mike, Uriah, Adam, Rachel, Robert, Caroline and Vi. 4SEB also saw a set of less regular players who were auto-tuned into the square … shout to Gus, Jen, Karl and first-timer Charlie. You played great, like an old soul sample all sped up and made into Jay-Z beat.

Rules were around, but it was mostly about the game. 4 Square challenges are becoming increasingly difficult to win and many, many players were shut down. You gotta be ruthless and sometimes it’s too hard to stop having a good time and focus on clobbering to win. Oh well. The night did have one winner (after multiple tries) and we must give him props. Congrats Lee, you have climbed to the mountain top all by yourself. You can come back down anytime…

Midnight brought elimination and with it the thrill of competition. Everyone lined up, most got out and after much cursing and grabbing the microphone, Sam and Caroline did battle. It was brutal and gruesome but Sam emerged as victor and gets his picture on the blog for the second week in a row. Can he go for three next week? Not if you stop him…

And if you’ve read this far, you are basically done with the recap! Pat yourself on the back. 4 Square of the East Bay would like to say that even if our players hate Kanye West, it doesn’t mean that they hate you. Show up and play with us and see how fun it can be! Summer is almost here and we wanna keep our sport going. If you know people who know people, bring them all to the Rockridge BART Station parking lot on a Thursday night and see what happens. We live the good life while gold-digging the slow jamz on our new workout plan so don’t mind the flashing lights, just touch the sky, drive slow and keep the love locked down. And remember, Beyonce had the best video of all time…


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