Constructing Yourself a Win

Thursday night the regular ballers were joined by the hard working forces of BART’s seismic retrofitting crew. While this ongoing construction has been known to block lanes of the lot, generate a bunch of noise and cover-up parking spaces, they have yet to interfere with our square. We gotta give the folks who were working props for hustling their overtime and doing their job while a bunch of grown-ass kids danced around and hit balls at each other. Oh how they wanted to play with us, staring longingly from the boom-lift, clad in reflective vests and hard hats. Or maybe they were just wondering what they were doing surrounded by playground games on one side and people dressed as knights on the other. Ahh Thursdays, you always bring out the weirdos…

The games were jovial with the return of rules that have been absent from past weeks. Spinning, clapping, jumping, catching, yelling, squatting and cartwheeling were all included. One of the best parts about 4SEB is that if you get to A Square, you get to make the rules! This can be a lot of pressure with many players not calling rules upon entering the top square, but there are always folks who go for it with gusto. That’s what we want, people with gusto. Get creative, get funky, get into it! If you are in A Square, take the power vested in you and do something with it! If other players don’t like it, they can get the fuck out of your square or play by your rules until they dethrone you. It’s what makes it challenging, interesting and a whole lot of fun…

Shout to the players who played by the rules and through the construction: Jordan, Robert, Lee, Gabby, Sam, Liz, Vi, Angie, Rachel, David, Mike, Paul, Hannah, Charlie and Jerome. New folks included Frank, Lyman, John, Isaac and Sean (who was just passing through the lot and got sucked in by the awesome). Two 4 Square challenges were won this week so take your hands off your mouse (or smart phone) and put them together for Sam and Jordan!

It got really real at the end of the night as the workers wrapped up their work and the players set about working each other. Rachel brought back the ‘Dramatic Death’ rule which means that once a player gets out, they must die a dramatic death to emphasize the tragedy of losing. This rule carried over to the elimination round and after player after player falling dead to the pavement, Robert stood as the only living soul in the parking lot. Way to live, Robert, way to live…

So that was Thursday night! 4SEB knows that there are people across the country that are checking up on our weekly game for inspiration and entertainment. We hope to do both. Sorry for the tardy posting, but you know… weekends. We’ve got big things coming up this month, mainly the TWO YEAR BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR 4SEB! That’s happening June 17th so show up with your crew and let’s party! And then we are gonna be at the Oaklavia Festival at Broadway and 10th on Sunday, June 27.  Also big shout out to Hella Tight hats for adorning the heads of a couple of the players on Thursday. Maybe we can get some 4 Square fitteds? I’m just sayin… See you next Thursday!


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