New Blood

This past Thursday night was off the hook! People are gearing up for the big 2 Year Birthday Party and it shows in the game play! There was a lot of new life in the square starting with freshly chalked out boxes (thx Robert), a brand new ball (thx Lee), a new playlist (thx Jordan) and new players pulled from the BART Station (thx Gabby)! Actually, the new players almost outnumbered the vets. Does that mean we’re blowing up or just going viral? The weather was warm, the spirits were up, the construction didn’t cover the square and the ball only went over the fence once! It was great to interact and be friendly with the noobs then get them out with quick spins and trick plays. Sure it might seem harsh, but it’s all part of the plan to enable their new 4 Square addiction so that they come back later and wreck shop.

The awesome regs of the night were: Robert, Gabby, Lee, Sam, Liz, Jordan, Mike, Angie, Paul, Lyman, Charlie and Frank. The night also featured the return of 4SEB’s very own Rasputin (“Cuz I’m hard to kill!”), Phil! The first timers were: Pete, Allie, Izzy, Chaim, Mike, Allan, Nick, Kenny, Nate, Miles and Taylor (the last three being part of Province of the Mists which could kick our butts if they were armored up). Thanks so much for coming out folks, you really represented for all of the people who haven’t played since middle school. Without people, 4 square is just some lonely chalk boxes in a parking lot…

The rules ran wild this week! A lot of dance square, a couple of spin rounds, jumping, clapping, zombies, countries, breakfast cereals and one awful kingship that kept building on previous rules ending up in a bunch of people playing 4 Square with their non-dominant hand with one eye closed while avoiding lines with underhand only shots as they called out countries of the world sounding like pirates. The rules ended on a high note as Doubles 4 Square was called (8 Square?) and players teamed up to smash on everyone else. Most rounds resulted in teams getting themselves out, but we had hella fun while doing it! 4 Square challenges were extremely desired on Thursday night after the new folks heard that if you win, you get to be on the blog. Many, many were called, but 4SEB players don’t give in that easy and looked to shut challengers down. Only one person succeeded and true as it’s told, here is her picture on the blog. Gabby = Awesome apple-sauce’m.

At the end of the night, after doubles, after Kung-Fu Animals and after challenges, elimination was called. If you don’t know, elimination is the last round of the night where once a player is out, they are out for good and receive a rousing round of applause from the crowd. If you want to win this, a player must be ruthless and dominate. The battles were passionate and fierce but as Lee and Phil faced off for the final confrontation, Lee’s mojo overwhelmed his opponent leaving him free to do what he wanted with the ball. Ew, gross, at least we were done playing. Congratulations, you have won!

So wraps up another Thursday recap! The games were great and the attitude was just right. We are hoping to have a bunch of people in the parking lot next Thursday for the 2 Year Birthday Party. Bring your friends. Bring your family. Bring that person you have a crush on but haven’t made a move on yet. Don’t worry, with all the good vibes in the air, you’re bound to get some… if you let them win. Let’s keep this thing going and continue to treat the space and people with respect. Much love Oakland, you are the best!


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