4SEB turns 2: a parking-lot of cupcakes

On Thursday June 17th, while most people who are into ‘sports’ were watching the NBA finals or updating their brackets for the World Cup, a spirited group of individuals gathered in the Rockridge BART Station parking lot in Oakland, CA to celebrate another, less famous sport. These people were celebrating the playground game of 4 Square and, in particular, the organization known as 4 Square of the East Bay. 4SEB has been setting up a square in this parking lot every Thursday for the past two years, inviting everyone who walks by to play with them. This last Thursday, it was time to party! Set up began around 9 and as the music blared players donned party hats, crowns, beads and marveled at the sparkly ‘Feliz Cumpleaños’ sign. And then, the party happened…

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As you can see, hella people showed up! They were: Sam, Robert, Lee, Gabby, Mike, Mike, Lyman, Gus, Mallika, Travis, Uriah, Adam, Michelle, Sophia, Sharon, Monk, Rachel, Charlie, Ariel, Joyce, Bill, Tony, Caroline, Ben, Jacob, Rebecca, Lara, Jon, JT, James, Vi, Sean, Allie, Phil, Miriam, Tracey, Pam, Veronica, Yeshi, Susan, Rocco, Paul, Mica, Chris, Frank, Pierre, Amanda, Patty, Paul, Angela, Liz, Angie, Mickey, Mandel, Jen, Karl, Nick, Mike, Emily, Dana, Erin and Paul.  Special ‘THANK YOU’ shout goes to the folks that brought the food! The sheer amount of cakes nearly crushed the car that was being used as the table. The cooks were: Sam, Michelle, Sharon, Susan, Lee, Robert, Gabby, Jordan, Angie, Liz, Joyce and Rebecca. If we forgot anyone, forgive us, there were a lot of people there!

For the first time, there were more than enough people to keep two full squares moving. Rules happened and folks were heard to laugh out loud. With all the new people playing for the first time, the commie rule had to be explained again and again as well as the save policy. It was fine because once players got the hang of it, they were calling crazy rules and kicking ass. The 4 Square Challenge became super popular as soon as folks found out that once a player successfully completed a challenge, not only would they get blogged about, but they received a motivational ribbon with sayings like ‘Superstar!’ ‘Outstanding!’ ‘Athletic Achievement Award’ and ‘I Like Myself!’ The winners were Jordan, Lee, Robert, Phil, Mike and Uriah!

The games stayed strong until well after midnight. It’s like people didn’t want to stop playing! Fun-addiction aside, elimination was called on Square 2 and everyone found themselves at Square 1. Soon, elimination was called on this square as well. The rounds were tough but still fun. As the final four entered into the round, the line crowded around the square yelling to encourage and distract. The final face off between Jordan and Phil was of enormous magnitude and this was reflected in the way they hit the ball at each other. In the end, Jordan claimed victory and was awarded with the ‘I Did It!’ ribbon/button to make it official. Congratulations Jordan, you lasted the longest and everyone knows it…

The party was a complete success! So much thanks goes out to all who came through and were involved. People were extremely kind, generous and welcoming, just the way we like it. The food was plentiful and delicious and the game play was outstanding! We made new friends and pulled back some old vets to play again. 4SEB is not stopping here, we’re gonna keep going and we’re gonna have fun while we do it. Our next big thang is gonna happen at the Oaklavia Festival on Sunday, June 27th. We’ve been asked to set up a square at 10th and Broadway in Old Oakland from 10am to 2pm. Come and join us there or any Thursday in the Rockridge BART Station Parking lot. We always need new players and you deserve to have fun. Much love East Bay, you make us sooooo happy!


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