School’s out forever!

Thursday brought a huge crowd out to the square! There were so many people there that Square 2 opened up around 9:45 because the line was so damn long! What was this, some sort of 4SEB Birthday Party halo effect? Even the rain showed up… and it’s summer! Maybe that’s what made the games so popular this past week. Summer. And with that comes summer fun. We had a clique of folks from a local elementary school throwing it down and making life difficult for everyone in their squares. Sometimes it seems ludicrous to play a kids game with adults, but it’s hella hard to win that game when some of those adults practice with kids … for their jobs! But this is a good sign cuz we love our teachers and want them all to come and hang out in the parking lot.

The players were: Dana, Luis, Uriah, Sam, Jordan, Caroline, Rachel, Makana, Charity, Robert, Adam, Kendall, Saram, Phil, Lee, Gabby, Michelle, Sky, Liz, Danielle, Lily, Kindred, Lauren, Ben, Edwardo, Nicole, Jason, Marcia, Canela, Paul, Richard and Ben. Seriously, all were ballers.

The rules ruled this week! There was the commie rule (always good for noobs), the pirate rule, jump on one foot, dance square (in honor of Michael Jackson), prayer square (palms of your hands together), sequential clapping, hands on your head and strike a pose. Then there were the rules that made you think as you played the game: countries of the world, things that live under water, question & answer square, get to know you square, embarrassing truth square and compliment square. As competitive as the games are, it’s nice to know that people are light hearted enough to laugh. Of course, no one laughs when it comes down to 4 Square Challenges (yes they do). Many were called and three people were successful! Give a hand-clap for Robert, Uriah and Jordan!

While there was a slight drizzle all night, the two squares had much life to them. For the first time, Square 2 (in the rain) outlasted Square 1 which closed out first. The whole thing then moved under the freeway with much confusion and standing around from those not paying attention. After more rounds of fury, some yelling and chasing of balls, a final elimination round was called. The remaining players battled each other then clapped it up for the losers before the ultimate showdown between vet Uriah and newcomer Kendall. The bout was fierce and surprisingly long, but in the end Uriah’s experience just couldn’t stand up the to fresh exuberance of Kendall. Wow, way to come through and king everyone for the win. You get your picture on the blog!

That’s that! Thanks to everyone for showing up, old and new… we love you much! Don’t forget that we play EVERY WEEK so come and get your skills on! Also, shout out to Michael Jackson, you made the party live last night (RIP one year). This weekend is big in the Bay Area cuz we’re full of Pride (4o years of it!), but the Oakland’s also got Oaklavía this Sunday. 4SEB will be there at 10th and Broadway from 10am to 2pm doing what we do … playing games and having fun. See you around town!


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