A Midsummer Night’s Square

The weather was warm on Thursday night as if magic were in the air. The square seemed to simmer half way between one world and another as bewildered Athenians … uh, Oaklanders wandered through the Rockridge BART Parking lot in search of true love and a pick-up game of 4 Square. Still recovering from last week’s action, players were laid back but the game was swift as a shadow, short as any dream, brief as the lightning in the coiled night. But it was still hella fun!

While there was some confusion telling one player from another, 4SEB welcomed all into the grove-like lot. The players were Sam, Robert, Uriah, Oberon, Kendall, Caroline, Lee, Mike, Liz, Frank, Sam, Lindsay, Jordan, Phil, Lysander, Mike, Vi, Titania, Yeshi, Bob, Gabby, Helena, Julian, Samra, Annemarie, Demetrius, Rachel, Paul, Adam, Michelle, Hermia and Dorian.

While the summer night began with dreams of the World Championships, by the mid this love had been switched out for some half-assed rules. Push-up square, stay inside the square, dance square, robot square, t-Rex arms, Kung Fu animal square, the pirate rule, one word story and units of measurement were all present and persistent. Lord, what fools these mortals be! 4 Square challenges were won by Frank, Jordan, Phil and Julian. Hope you are all rewarded by faeries.

As the night got more dream-like Square 2 closed out only to be followed soon by a call for elimination in Square 1. It was fierce as eliminated players rubbed their eyes in disbelief and woke up. In the end, Julian triumphed over all for the ultimate victory. Holla!

4SEB wants to thank everyone who got mixed up with us. Hopefully everyone ended up where they were supposed to be, with who they were supposed to be with. If you want to participate in more midsummer’s love check out Bike 4 Life on Saturday, July 24th. It’s a bike ride/street take-over from Lake Merritt to West Oakland followed by a movie! Now that’s a summer dream we can all get into… Be safe Bay Area and remember to participate in your community!


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