Rock & Roll All Night

Everyone at 4 Square wanted to rock & roll all night. We would have been partying but that would require a commitment to do it everyday. Most people have work even though it’s summer. Not that it stopped anyone from becoming familiar with tall-boys and dancing around. Also Annemarie brought cupcakes so it had to be a party. A party that rocked.

As a result of the sugar rush and rock the game moved quickly. While the parking lot wasn’t as packed as it has been in the last couple of weeks, it gave ballers a chance to work on their moves and go in for the kill. People in the parking lot were: Uriah, Lee, Mike, Stephanie, Angie, Robert, Gabby, Liz, Sam, Mike, Annemarie, Mike, Jordan, Bob, Paul, Rachel, Doug, Bob, Zephie, Christina, Frank and Dorian.

The rules were around but the main focus became collecting 4 Square challenges. Last night 4SEB was almost absolutely unable to deny anyone the privilege of claiming challenge victory. Part of this was because challengers were semi-audible when declaring and no one knew they were going for the win (YOU GOTTA USE A LOUD VOICE LIKE THIS!) and partly because our players are so gooood that we can’t be stopped. Holla at Gabby, Sam, Robert, Jordan, Lee, Uriah and Bob for lessons on how to whoop ass.

Around 11:30 the ranks swelled as more people rolled up hoping to rock out. Soon after they got warmed up it was time for elimination. After rolling through most of the line, Paul established himself as the winner of elimination by winning elimination. Way to go Paul, you’ve now got rock-star status.

And that’s how we do! If you weren’t there then you missed being seen on the scene. Wait, is it cool to care or not to care? What is cool is this awesome bike ride this Saturday from Lake Merritt to West Oakland called Bike 4 Life! This is to raise awareness about the other side of Oakland. Be there to show people that Oakland isn’t all bad football, shootings and 4 Square. And wear a helmet! Your brain will thank you.


One Response to “Rock & Roll All Night”

  1. We had a couple youngsters show up for wallball in Berkeley from the 4SEB link. Thanks guys! We had a great turnout ourselves and everyone had a blast.

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