The Usual Suspects

After 2 plus years in the Rockridge BART Parking lot, occupying the same space at the same time every week, 4 Square of the East Bay has established a regular group of ballers who gather to play games and rob each other of victory. Each player brings his or her own personal style, some are brash and loud, some are sly and cunning, some fake injuries and make up stories. Whatever the style, the goal is always the same: Get to ‘A’ square so you can make the rules. Being friendly is nice … when you’re waiting in line trying to plot your ascent to the top, but once you enter the box, those alliances are gone. Ultimately, everyone is out for themselves and if they need to set fire to the ship to win, then they’re gonna do it. Thankfully, it’s all a game and we can laugh it off so no one winds up in a police line up at the end of the night.

The usual suspects were: Lee, Uriah, Sam, Adam, Robert, Paul, Caroline, Gabby, Vi, Liz, Rachel, Mike, Jordan, Frank, Kendall, Jerome and Casey. The new persons-of-interest were: Sanjay, Chris, Teresa, Justin and James (who played in our 4 Square Tournament in April). Again, the rules were there (the commie rule, spin rounds, clapping after hits, countries of the world, all lines are out) but people played hard. Maybe it was because of the absence of noobs that people felt that they could really dig into each other. The rounds were furious and the ballers heeded the call from last week… all 4 Square Challenges were shut down. Don’t think you can just limp up in here, tell some lies and just walk off with a challenge win… hell no, it don’t go down like that. So instead of challenge winners, here are some cinnamon buns that Robert brought to share. Yum!

Once again, because of the masses of people wanting to play, Square 1 and Square 2 were in full effect. Square 2 shut down around 11:45 and (after a very short-lived round of double’s square) elimination was called on Square 1. Even though it was Gabby’s birthday, she did not win. The winner was Vi, who survived to the end even under onslaughts from all sides. Some might call him the mastermind behind this whole scheme…

And that wraps up this case! As always, it was a blast to have people come and play with us. Let’s spread the word and keep it up! FYI 4SEB is currently looking for a place to practice for the World Championships. Anything would be nice, but we want a space with gym floors so we can get ready. Any ideas? Also, if you love urban gaming, you should check out Bay Area Wallball that is starting to form and do it’s thang on Thursdays from 5:30 to 7pm! Aaand the Oakland Underground Film Festival‘s screening of Shaolin Soccer is tonight in the Jack London Square area! Lastly, our friends The Oakland Museum is opening up an exhibit on Saturday called Pixar: 25 Years of Animation … here’s a secret, every first Sunday of the month is free admission… Be safe and be good to each other! Have fun with your life…


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