Best of the East Bay

In the midst of delight at the overturning of Proposition 8, California and Oakland is hella down to party this week. Most folks know that the East Bay Express is having their Best of the East Bay Party tonight in Jack London Square , but what people might not have known about is that 4 Square of the East Bay kicked that party off last night with the best 4 Square games in the town! While we are not on the official list, 4SEB likes to think that of all the 4 Square providers out there (including the smart-phone check-in app) that we da, we da best. Judging by the sheer amount of people at Thursday night’s game, it’s kinda true…

The people who came out to play and party in the Rockridge BART parking lot were: Vi, Lee, Mike, Dominic, Ben, Will, Uriah, Robert, Sam, Gabby, Jordan, Chris, Phil, Sanjay, Ian, Amy, Casey, Rasha, Jerome, Rachel, Ben, Paul, Ben, Daniella, Pete, Dorian and Jared. While 4SEB usually has a balance of two genders (with the occasional appearance of a third or fourth) the bromance was strong last night. As the testosterone rose the rules fell. It seems that guys just wanna hit balls at each other without any complications. Of course, there were spin rounds, countries of the world, let the ball bounce in the square and a couple of complicated rounds of doubles. 4 Square Challenge wins were hard to come by, but Jordan and Phil both survived the gauntlet of chalk and balls to conquer the square!

Around 11:40 Square 2 was closed out and the line of ballers wound their way around Square 1. Complainers were ignored and told to drink another PBR. While Double’s Square made a quick appearance, the solo game was the main focus as many players tried to prove their worth against the looming masses of people. Elimination was finally called after midnight and after many rough and tumble rounds, Ian and Amy faced off against each other. After the customary 3 nice hits they attacked like rabid animals and the round ended with a perfectly placed spin ball from Ian landing at the very edge of Amy’s square. It was so subtle that many missed it, but maybe they were just blinded by rage being that they were no longer playing. Congratulations Ian, you are the best of 4 Square of the East Bay!

Thanks for reading the recap! Wanna let you know that we are gonna be making an appearance at the Albany Streets festival (similar to Oaklavía, but in Albany) on Sunday August 22nd from 11am to 2pm. Come and play! Also what do you think of the new logo idea (up at the top)? We want to put them on the backs of t-shirts and hoodies and represent when we go to the 4 Square World Championships. If you have an idea for a t-shirt design the send it in to the facebook page or email it to Be well East Bay, you da, you da best!


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