Province of the Mists

Even though it’s summertime, the Bay Area has been having some crappy weather. While we are used to having extended periods of gray though out the wintery months (we don’t get snow) we also appreciate the patches of blue with sunshine during the warmer seasons. This year, none of that. We’ve had gray for a couple weeks now. It’s tea and book weather, not summer fun weather. Yesterday the East Bay was granted with a reprieve from the gray an the sun came out to remind us that ‘Hey! It’s August!’ While the day itself was nice, the night brought a different story. Fog. Mist. Haze. There was only one way to clear the air: generate hella heat while playing 4 Square. 4SEB did just that and by the end of the night, the fog had burned off. We take full responsibility for that. You’re welcome.

Players from all over came together last night to meet each other and have fun. Riding the successful release of our latest video the existence of 4 Square of the East Bay has become known by more and more people. And for some reason they think it’s cool! Super fun rules came around and newbies were introduced to the commie rule (not the ‘tommy’ rule), pirate square, the bird rule, countries of the world, get-to-know-you square, the on-deck rule, dance square, spin rounds and many more. Remember, if you are in ‘A’ square you are King and make the rules in your Kingdom. Have fun with it, but don’t be a tyrant or the mob will rise up against you. As we’ve learned from the SCA guys just down the lot, be benevolent or be overthrown and beat up by knights.

The players were old and new: Travis, Steph, Rachel, Paul, Lee, Jordan, Uriah, Sam, Sanjay, Jane, Nicole, Jess, Nathan, Robert, Liz, Angie, Ian, Amy, Cole, Mike, Chris, Yaminah, Laura, Gabe, Madeline, Catherine, Adam, Mike, Gabby, Wade, Kendall, Mike, Zaheen, Jerome, Casey and Rasha. It’s not easy to be a winner, let alone to win a 4 Square Challenge but 3 of the vets were successful and get to be on the blog. Again. Woo-tothe-hoo for Jordan, Lee and Uriah!

Gotta show love to everyone who came out and had fun. It’s gotten to the point where Square 2 opens earlier and earlier each week to accommodate all of the hungry ballers who show up. And that’s just the way we like it. After going strong for most of the night Square 2 was closed about 10 minutes to midnight and the line formed up on Square 1. The intensity was totally on. There is nothing like sweaty people staring at you while you are playing (hoping you lose) to distract you. Of course, some players thrive in those conditions. At the end of the night Wade and Gabby faced off to see who really was the King of the Province of the Mists. While Wade put up a good front he just couldn’t handle the pressure and buckled allowing Gabby to ascend to power and posterity. All hail King Gabby!

Well that does it for our little corner of the world! It was super fun to see and meet all the new people, hope that you come back with tons of friends. Hit up our facebook page and help spread the word about urban games! This weekend holds a lot of fun community events so get out there and enjoy Oakland! It all starts tonight with the Superhero Bike Ride at 7:30pm launching from Lake Merritt BART. It’s gonna wind its way through the Town and eventually end up somewhere fun with drinks and pizza! On Saturday there isn’t just one, but two awesome scenes you should check out. For those in East(ish) Oakland head over to the Laurel Street Fair from 11am to 4pm. For those of you in North Oakland, the Fresh Fest is going down with hella performers from the Bay including Boots from the Coup, Erk the Jerk, J.Million and D0 D.A.T. This is gonna be a smackin green time for everyone! Lastly, don’t forget that 4 Square of the East Bay is headlining at Albany Streets on Sunday, August 22nd in Albany so mark your calendars and get ready to play some games! As always, be safe, have fun…


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