Queuing Up: No Visas Necessary

Is 4 Square of the East Bay blowing up? Why don’t you ask the millions of people who showed up this past Thursday to play games, make friends and be merry. They’ll tell you that they liked it back in the old days of 4SEB, before the long ass lines, when there were only 3 players. Seriously though, new faces are appearing every week and that couldn’t make us happier. They are even traveling from across the world to come and hang out in our little corner of the parking lot. It seems that the craze that has been sweeping England has turned out more than a couple of international travelers. Ah global community, 4SEB is happy to help foster relationships between all sorts of people… we’ll let you play even if the US government wants to kick you out. That’s right folks, NO VISAS NECESSARY to have a good time!

The play was phenomenal and everyone brought their best game. Gotta show love to all the folks who stood in the queue to represent where they’re from. The ballers were: Anne Marie, Will, Gabby, Allen, Lee, Justin, Allie, Rachel, Taryn, Nina, Shannon, Travis, Mike, Adam, Leila, Robert, Sam, Sanjay, Uriah, Jordan, Farrah, Jules, Angie, Liz, Mike, Caroline, Lali, Ben, Phil, Sarah, Gabe, Jerome, Dorian, Casey and Kendall. What good sports! First time players were confused at 4SEB’s wacky culture, but, like all good new arrivals, they adapted. Ruling the rule roost was the commie rule, precision square, jump as you hit it, the pirate rule, spin rounds, the on-deck rule and (obviously) countries of the world. 4 Square Challenges were called and some were won. Well done Justin, Sam, Uriah, Robert and Lee, well done chaps!

With all of the people yearning to play free the games went late into the night. Square 2 had been taped out around 9:45 and didn’t stop until around midnight. That left Square 1 with the longest elimination line in ages. While many tried to conquer the kingdom only one man managed to stay atop the masses and claim victory. Long live King Uriah! We will recognize you as a figurehead, but 4SEB will make it’s own policy…

And that’s another night of fun for the record books! It was great, thanks for the memories. 4SEB appreciates the warmth and spirit that comes with free activities and new friendships. As the summer draws to a close, the Bay Area is teeming with things to do. Check out 4 Square of the East Bay at Albany Streets on Sunday from 11am to 2pm! Also all weekend is the Art & Soul Festival in Downtown Oakland. Saturday is all about great events with the SF Street Food Fest in ‘the city’, a wiffleball game in Mosswood park and the Rock Paper Scissors Collective is having a Zine-A-Thon! Do yourself a favor, experience this great area while you can cuz you never know when you’ll have to catch a flight taking you away. Much love world, 4 Square will always be here for you…


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