Sam’s Crazy 4 Square Dream

The night before Albany Streets I was hanging out with a bunch of 4SEB folks at Paul’s place near Rockridge BART for his birthday party. With a love for Oakland washing over me as I left to get a couple hours of sleep before playing in the sun the next day, I obviously had 4 Square on the brain. It came out in my dream that went like this …

It was Thursday night and we were all getting ready to play our regular games in the parking lot when my parents called me.

“Sam, we just left a function where someone told us that Jean Quan is planning on dropping by 4 Square tonight to play and talk to you guys about voting for her. How cool is that?”

I immediately told the group that we were going to have a mayoral candidate visit our game and we needed to be extra welcoming and play like badasses. It was very important to me that we look cool and be awesome to solidify 4 Square of the East Bay as a legit Oakland organization. When the group heard this, Baseball Mike, who works for the Rebecca Kaplan campaign, spoke up.

“There is no way we are letting Jean Quan corner the 4 Square vote! I’m calling Rebecca and telling her to get down here!”

Suddenly, what had started as a regular 4 Square night was turning into a local political hot spot. Somehow the media got wind of this (probably because I was tweeting about it) and cameras started descending on our part of the lot, walling in players with cameras, backing us up against the retrofitting. People started to mill around, looking like urban gamers caught in headlights. Obama showed up (because he was a 4 Square regular in this dream) dressed ready to play and was excited to see Jean and Rebecca in action. I wanted the whole thing to seem natural and relaxed when the politicians showed up, but everyone was standing on the square acting like they didn’t know what to do. It was like as soon as the spotlight was on, everyone had forgotten how to play 4 Square. Hell, they had even forgotten how to move out of the way! At this point I got pissed off and lost my shit. I started screaming at everyone in the parking lot who was covering the square.

“Get out! Get out of the square before Jean Quan comes! Act like you know how to play games!”

When I told this to the regulars who showed up to the Albany Streets Festival, Lee laughed and said

“Sam, I like how you think 4 Square is so important that it holds political sway … in your dreams!”


2 Responses to “Sam’s Crazy 4 Square Dream”

  1. Sam, you’re amazing. What a DOPE dream, but seriously I can’t believe your dream players didn’t step it up for the cameras man! 😉

  2. […] As 4 Square of the East Bay looks back, we can appreciate that it has been a really good year for us. Even though 4SEB has been around since mid-2008, 2010 brought the beginning of this blog! Now you can share the experience of 4 Square with those who might not live in the East Bay! As our social media skills grew, we expanded beyond myspace to really blow up our facebook, twitter and (to some extend) our vimeo. This brought in more popularity as we were asked to come through and host different Squares at different community events around the East Bay like the reopening of the Oakland Museum, Oaklavía, Albany Streets, The Old Oakland Beer Fest and the rededication of Jefferson Square Park! 4SEB also commented on issues happening in our community, covering the aftermath of the Johannes Mehserle verdict in downtown Oakland and giving folks a unique perspective on Oakland’s Mayoral race. […]

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