Albany Streets!

On Sunday, August 22nd 4 Square of the East Bay gathered at the Albany Streets Festival to play games, make friends and get a little sun. The streets of Key Route Road were closed to cars and trucks, but open to bikers, hikers and game-likers. Put on the by the City of Albany and their bomb Recreation & Community Services department, Albany Streets featured not only 4 Square, but dodgeball, street hockey, wiffleball, hop-scotch, a water balloon toss, fitness workouts and other fun outdoor activities for families. Though the day was hot, it didn’t stop people from enjoying the summer and drinking bike-blended smoothies.

Sam, Lee and Gabby showed up around 11am to set up the square with tape and chalk. After much anticipation, the games started and players played for at least an hour. Due to the lack of shade on the streets, the regulars took a break to wander around and were joined by Robert who was appreciating the day. The music kept bumping and soon the square was back to life as young and old took turns trying to rise to the top. The day ended around 2pm where everyone hugged and drank water to rehydrate. Thanks so much, Albany Streets you were awesome! So glad we could be a part of something this fun…

Check out Albany Patch‘s photos of the event here, but we’ll leave you with some of our own snapshots… Enjoy!


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