Hotter Than July

Sure, sure we all know that on the national scale, California is the last to wake and the last to sleep in the continental US (love to our brothers and sisters in Hawai’i and Alaska), but does that mean that we gotta do everything late? After what seems like months of straight up WINTER weather, the Bay Area has finally experienced summer. This sucks for the kids in Oakland who finally got to get out in the sun just to go back to school shopping. But this week the heat was not the pleasant, breezy Bay heat, but oppressive heat, face-melting heat, James/Wade/Bosh heat. To cool off, we totally needed Stevie to take us in his Rocket Love just to drop back into a cold, cold world. That would have been nice…

Luckily, Thursday night was cooler in the parking lot … maybe because of the high level of cool people who showed up to play 4 Square? Probably… They were: Rory, Nina, Rasha, Lee, Uriah, Sam, Robert, Jordan, Gabby, Will, Kendall, Lali, Caroline, Ally, Robin, Justin, Vi, Linnaea, Allison, Michael, Mike, Rachel, Angie, Gabby, Liz, Laila, Charlie, Ariel, Dan, Alana, Sophia, Paul, Adam, Ben and Dorian. While the square itself was hot with action, nobody sweated through their t-shirts and everyone was reminded that body odor is a natural occurrence. Hey, if you’re not stinky or sweaty, you’re not playing hard enough and you need to go somewhere else with yo’self.

As always, 4SEB featured a plethora of rules some of which were the Commie Rule, Countries of the World, States of the USA, Capital Cities, the On-Deck rule, Precision Square, Spin Rounds, Compliment Square, the Pirate Rule, Spin-after-you-hit, Touch-the-ground-after-you-hit and a couple of insightful and hilarious rounds of Get To Know You square. 4 Square Challenges were issued by many, but completed by only one. To remind folks, the 4 Square Challenge is where upon entering D Square a player yells loudly and audibly ‘4 SQUARE CHALLENGE!’ This means that they have intentions on being in A Square in 3 turns effectively blowing away all other players. If they succeed and win, they have their picture taken and posted on the blog. If they lose, they suffer the reticule of the parking lot for their failure. That being said, the only one who wasn’t laughed at was Uriah. Hand clap ya’ll.

Again, 4SEB was able to maintain both Square 1 and Square 2 for an extended period of time. There were moments where the noobs found themselves bouncing balls blissfully in Square 2 without any vets to coming in to wreck them/make them feel welcome, but after a couple of well placed hits, everyone was laughing and playing with each other. Elimination came shortly after midnight even though everyone wanted be jammin’ until the break of dawn. At the end of a what seemed like forever, Sophia and Dan faced off to test their skills. Their skills resulted in two elimination faults, but the third time is a charm for Dan, because Sophia couldn’t contain her power and got herself out. Go Dan! Way to stand in the line and survive the square!

Whew! Wipe the sweat from your brow and drink some water! Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to love your community this weekend with the Eat Real Festival in Jack London Square, the Oakland Chinatown Streetfest in Chinatown, Sistah’s Steppin In Pride in Snow Park by Lake Merritt, the Annual Scraper Bike Ride & Festival in Downtown Oakland and the Summer B-Girl Jam over at the Eastside Cultural Center. Wow, you’ve got a busy schedule now, don’t you? See you next Thursday!


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