Triple Play!

Schools back on … so what? People who played 4 Square on Thursday night were all about recess. There were so many players that a mythical Square 3 was constructed to accommodate all the ballers who wanted to ball out. While 4SEB loves the number 4, we also realize that 3 is a lucky number, that the triangle is one of the strongest structures, that all great epics are made in trilogies, that the Triceratops was the mightiest of dinosaurs … wait a minute, WHAT?! …  This type of stuff is just killing the ‘Land Before Time’ legacy. Looks like the kids are gonna learn something different this year.

In spite of the news that dino-lovers everywhere have been lied to for years, folks managed to pull themselves together enough to have a kick-ass time playing games. There were many new introductions to 4SEB’s style of play but people seemed to integrate themselves fine. It’s always nice to see when people start off a little wary, semi-self-conscious, possibly afraid and end up ripping through opponents, garnering the scorn of the line and basically singing ‘F**K YOU’ with a smile on their face and ball in their hand. Ahh, games … if you don’t make us happy while competing, what’s the point?

Because of the spread nature of having all 3 Squares going at once, it was hard to catch all of the good rules that went down, but 4SEB can assume that they were mostly awesome. The new players were introduced to the Commie Rule, the Pirate Rule, the Bird Rule, Countries of the World, Spin Rounds, Precision Square, the On-Deck Rule and the Touch-the-Ground Rule. As always, new folks new to ‘A’ Square made multiple hands-free rules just to try it out. This became known as Soccer Square and actually produced some good rounds where no one was bored, annoyed by Vuvuzelas or headed in the chest.

Players were many (so if you were there and aren’t on the list … just come back next week): Daniel, Julian, Ally, Adam, Claire, Nam, Rasha, Robert, Poh, Daniel, Eric, Laura, Anne Marie, Caroline, Lali, Mike, Uriah, Rebecca, Paul, Will, Paul, Gabby, Lee, Ian, Nick, Vi, Alex, Laila, Phil, Anjali, Amy, Mike, Sam, Stephanie, Daniel, Rachel, Rita, Jordan, Casey, Jerome, Mike, Thomas, Mark, Kendall, Dorian and Zoe. 4 Square Challenges winners (like all good things) come in 3. They were Paul, Lee and Mike. Three cheers for them!

Midnight managed to sneak up on everyone and, before players knew it, Square 1 and Square 2 were both eliminated leaving the wandering losers to gather around the brand spanking new Square 3. A couple of rounds went down before someone called the big E on the whole night. Still, new players began to show up and populate the line. Guys, next time get there when everyone playing isn’t trying desperately to survive! At the end of the night, everyone got smacked around a little and the balance of power in ‘A’ Square shifted multiple times. The final face-off pitted veteran Lee against new comer Poh. While Poh’s enthusiasm was awesome, his accuracy was off and he got himself out leaving Lee to another victory. Keeping with the theme, Lee’s name has 3 letters and rhymes with 3.

Wow, September has just started and already it’s crazy! What amazing game play from an amazing community and what a wonderful way to kick off Labor Day weekend! 4 Square of the East Bay is totally spoiled by being located in the best place in the country with the friendliest, most bestest players ever. If you don’t believe that the East Bay has it going on, you need to check out what is happening this weekend and choose what you are gonna get into … Starting on Friday night, there is always Art Murmur (followed by the Bike Murmur after-party at Paradiso), Saturday AND Sunday is Hoodstock at the Oakland Metro near Jack London and in West Oakland, Sunday is a celebration of Oakland Pride with a take-over of the Uptown district (with a Chaka Khan performance for only $5!) and also on Sunday is the I.S.I.S. Science & Culture Fair (for FREE) up at the Chabot Space & Science Center featuring a hologram of Mos Def. This weekend is packed and it’s on you to make the best of it! Also shout out to my momma cuz it’s her birthday on Sunday! Happy birthday Mom! To the whole Bay Area, be safe and have fun this Labor Day!


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