Season Opener: Big Games!

This past Thursday night was the night of big games! While the East Bay has love for the Big Easy, we had to represent in our own fashion … with another huge turn out at 4 Square! Seriously, it felt a little like Bourbon St in the parking lot, but with more chalk art and less flashing. Music bumped, people danced, some watched, most participated and the community came together to have fun and get to know each other. This is the second week in a row that 4SEB has had no trouble maintaining and running 3 full squares for 3 full hours. That sounds like some big games! So if you are new to this blog or to our family of ballers, please invite your friends to come and join us! But only if they are really gonna step up and have fun … No side-line commentators please. And you know what they say … once you play, you’ll never go away.

The big games brought out some big names all trying to go for the big fame… the players were: Mike, Travis, Jordan, Lee, Julian, Daniel, Rita, Liz, Angie, Mike, Robert, Caroline, Lali, Will, Ben, Sam, Justin, Anne Marie, Eric, Sanjay, Steph, Max, Eric, Gene, John, Carlos, Anjali, Laila, Paul, Mitchel, Laura, Sara, Casey, Jerome, Serena, Daniel, Mike, Xochitl, Liza, Ian, Xochitl, Stephanie, Cordelia, Logan, Ben, Adam, George, Julian, Micky, Gabby and Mike! Dunno if you’re counting, but that’s a lot of people! Plus more who watched by the cupcakes! Speaking of cupcakes, 4SEB celebrated the birthdays of Ben, Mike and Robert by singing to the lucky virgo trio and eating sweet things… Thanks for being born guys!

Rules made their way through the melee that was the night only to show up and stay up in all three squares. Favorites were the Commie Rule, Countries of the World, Soccer Style, Precision Square, Get To Know You Square and a couple of rounds of Tag-Team doubles. It was hot. 4SEB encourages the people who get to ‘A’ Square to be creative and get funky with their rule making. Even if people don’t like it, they’ve gotta do what you say cuz you are at the top! Really, what we gotta do is bring back a couple of rounds of Kung-Fu Animal Square… The 4 Square Challenge seeped its way into the night, but challengers were smacked around and then down to the ground. Four people managed to fight their way through and get their pictures taken in a crappy fashion. Whoot whoot for Ben, Sam, Ben and Justin! Also big BIG shoutout goes to Ben (the second one, not the birthday one) for showing up to our Square because not only did he win the 4 Square Challenge, he introduced it to 4 Square of the East Bay. If that wasn’t enough, he is also one of the originators of our style of square which comes all the way from the East Coast via Olde English Comedy. Check em out!

With so many people having fun it’s hard to call elimination. Everyone feeds off of each other and wants to compete and be the best. It sucks when the line is long and players have to wait so the big games went well beyond midnight. But eventually, Square 1 and Square 2 shut down leaving the losers (and the winners) to line up in Square 3. Battles were hard fought, hands were clapped for players and at the end of the final elimination Lali and Stephanie had just one person to beat to be called 4 Square Champ for the week. Sorry Lali, but this week it goes to Stephanie who’s enthusiasm and strategic position at the end of the line clinched her the win. Who dat say they gon beat Stephanie?

Thanks to everyone who has been showing up these past few weeks! Without you, 4SEB would never have lines and all of the conversations would be boring. Big game thanks go to all the people who brought food for the birthday boys and for the people who helped clean up the trash and other stuff. You make it happen, the community is you. Awesome. On the list of things to do this weekend is the East Bay Bike Party starting on Friday, September 10th at 7:30pm at Downtown Berkeley BART. The theme is Wild West so show up with your bike dressed as a horse. Also all weekend is the Power To The Peaceful Festival happening in Golden Gate Park on the other side of the Bay. Go enjoy some music and some peace. Lastly, our thoughts go out to San Bruno who’s community was shocked last night by an exploding gas line and subsequent fires. Nothing is ever certain so let’s treat each other with respect and love when we see each other. Have a positive weekend Bay Area, see you next week!


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