Taking Back Our Space!

Fresh on the heels of the East Bay Bike Party (which takes back the streets in a party fashion) and PARKing Day on Friday (where parking spots are turning into mini-parks), 4 Square of the East Bay decided to finally reclaim our lane in the Rockridge BART parking lot from the retrofitting that has been happening for months. Actually, BART probably decided that the section they had been working on was safe and moved on to more dangerous parts of the station. While the players loved the chain link fence containing the construction, there was a perpetual fear of bouncing the ball over and then falling in a hole. Also, what is 4SEB without the constant call of ‘CAAAR!’ warning unaware players that speeding vehicles are baring down on them? Who doesn’t like to stop the game and wave at drivers who are wondering ‘What the hell is going on here?’

The night itself was really nice! The weather was warm, but not too hot and the squares were chill. While Square 3 did not make an appearance, Square 1 and 2 kept people busy and sweaty all night. The game has really stepped up but the atmosphere remains friendly. Sure, there was jockeying for Mayorship of 4 Square on FourSquare (maybe in preparation for the upcoming elections?) but what really counts is that people played and had fun. Rules helped with this and ballers played with the Commie Rule, Countries of the World, Breakfast Cereals, Spin Rounds, Soccer Style, Make A Sound Like Michael Jackson, Push-Up Square and Precision Square. New players took it upon themselves to make up new rules and that equals awesome.

Everyone was there, including: Sandra, Fred, Gina, Phil, Robert, Justin, Sam, Gabby, Yaminah, Mike, Jordan, Lali, Sanjay, Scott, Claire, Rasha, Mike, Caroline, Daniel, Miguel, Sara, Adriana, Will, Julian, Liz, Kendall, Lego, Toby, Patrick, Marc, Eric, Rita, Charlie, Ariel, Dorian, Rachel and Mike! Shout out to Robert for bringing snacks and water! If you wanna be cool, you can also bring snacks… just sayin’… 4 Square Challenges were called but only a few were completed. Congrats Sam, Phil and Lee. Don’t let the cars hit you while you are posing/celebrating.

4 Square of the East Bay was all about taking back and taking up space. Balls flew every which way (including onto people’s heads) and players dodged cars to improve their reflexes. Alas, it could not last forever and elimination was called in Square 2 shortly after midnight. Ballers balled and players played and everyone eventually made their way back to Square 1. The final elimination was called by Lee and he dealt a swift end to many a player before being eliminated himself. After a tumultuous elimination duel between Phil and Lali, Phil faced off against Mike to see who was the king of the night. It was Mike who kindly posed for this picture afterward…

Phew! Another Thursday night in the books and on the blog! Way to go team! Speaking of team… 4 Square of the East Bay is looking to put together a crew to go to the Four Square World Championships in Maine this upcoming February. We’ve been talking about it for two years, it’s time to make it happen. Let’s get together and see what we need to do/know so we can take the East Bay to the East Coast and kick some ass. What we really need is a space to practice so if you know of any gyms that 4SEB can get into, holla at us at 4squareeastbay@gmail.com.

Also, other super fun things going down this weekend … it’s CO-LAB going down at the New Parish in Oakland on Friday night! Don’t sleep on this super special artist showcase put on by hella East Bay musicians. Also, the Oakland Outlaws, Oakland’s own roller-derby team, takes on the Richmond Wrecking Belles in Richmond on Saturday. Keep em rolling… Lastly, for your Saturday night party, our great friends Elle Nino whaack it out at FRUITCAKE happening at the Stud Bar in SF. This party looks like dirty dirty fun so if you wanna live it up, go and see this show, it’s gonna be all coconuts and bananas! But, if you’re doing high holidays this weekend, here’s wishing you a reflective Yom Kippur. That’s it, look for you next week in the square!


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