4 Square of the East Bay needs a space to practice for the World Championships!

Hello East Bay/Bay Area community!

If you don’t know who we are, 4 Square of the East Bay is a loosely organized group of individuals who gather on a weekly basis in the Rockridge BART station parking lot to play games and have fun. We exist to be the best at the playground game of 4 Square, to build new friendships, to laugh and to socialize in an alternative manner, all while repurposing semi-public spaces. Our games are free and open to everyone and we have cultivated a culture of welcome and friendly competition. 4SEB likes to involve itself in as many public street fairs and events as we can and encourage everyone to be silly and physically active. While this is all good, something else calls to our most devout players…

Every February, in butt-cold Bridgton, Maine, the FOUR SQUARE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are held. 4 Square of the East Bay wants to be there. We want to go and we want to win. We want to represent the East Bay/Oakland/the whole Bay Area in all of its hella tight glory. To do this we need help with a couple of things…

  • A SPACE TO PRACTICE! At our game, we play on asphalt and dodge cars as commuters go home at the end of the night. The World Championships are played in a gym and have very specific rules. 4SEB would like access to an indoor gym (basketball court?) that our players can sharpen their skills for the tournament. Ideally, it would be free (as 4SEB generates lots of fun, but no actual funds), but any leads would be appreciated! This is actually the MOST IMPORTANT of our list and is the reason why we are reaching out! Help would be ideal!
  • UNIFORMS/CLOTHING/PRINTING/DESIGN HELP! Obviously, if 4SEB is gonna go national, we’re gonna have to be dripped in gear that tells everyone where we are from. And we’re steady from the East Bay and need to represent! We’d love to have some clothing/stickers/temporary tattoos/posters/custom kicks to overwhelm the competition with sheer awesomeness.
  • FINANCIAL DONATIONS! Who wouldn’t like financial donations? Honestly, we realize that you giving us money isn’t that likely, but on the off chance that someone reading this does want to contribute, the money would go to funding the trip to Maine and would be used for airfare, hotel and food.
  • AIRLINE MILES OR HOTEL POINTS! Are you jetsetter? Got extra mile or points? Wanna live vicariously through 4SEB? We’ll take your donations of miles or points to get us there and set us up. If you do this, we’ll send you a postcard.
  • GENERAL SUPPORT AND HELP SPREADING THE WORLD! 4 Square of the East Bay operates on people like you knowing about our game and telling their friends. While there are many better causes that you can give money too, it doesn’t cost anything to repost this message or (even more fun) to show up at our weekly games! We want our to expand our community and let people know about us. You can help. And you can have fun while doing it! Our end goal is to get to the World Championships (we’re gonna do it one way or another) but to do it properly and in style, we’re gonna need everyone’s help to do that. Thanks in advance!

Okay East Bay/Oakland/Bay Area, let’s make this happen! 4SEB will proudly bring the Bay to Maine, dominate and return with the trophy. We would also love you to come and play with us! Check out our blog (updated weekly) at 4squareeastbay.wordpress.com! It recaps all we do and gives our players a little bit of shine as they build their skills. Also check out our videos which are posted below… Thanks so much Bay Area for creating a tolerant community so full of life, love and laughter. You da best!


4 Square of the East Bay


What is 4SEB? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTe5q6GYab0

4SEB: Episode I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bALhb17dwdg

4SEB: Episode II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt69oEAz_Z4

Car Trouble http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohxFde0oR64


One Response to “4 Square of the East Bay needs a space to practice for the World Championships!”

  1. […] fun and competitive environment and hopes to become know all over the Bay Area and beyond.  While we had wishes of going to the World Championships for Four Square in Maine, the money and weather were both factors. As a result 4 Square of the East Bay hopes to start up […]

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