Pow! ZAP! Baaam! 4 Square East Bay! Yeeee! Thursday night! Bang! Got game? Pffffffft! Facebook eeeirrr kssssh!

Roar! Drip drop! Whoosh… slam! Whizz! Sizzle. Rules? Slurp, munch, slap, bonk!

Players! Mandel, Rachel, Robert, Liz, Will, Caroline, Gabby, Uriah, Carl, Kendall, Theo, Paul, Lali, Ryan, Andrea, Vi, Steph, Logan, Sara, Rasha, Travis, Anne Marie, Justin, Sanjay, Lee, Jerome, Phil, Jordan, Adam, Julian, Mike, Paul, Mike, Anjali, Sam, Matt, Mike, Ali, Matt, Dorian and more! Wow!

4 Square Challenge? Lee & Justin! Clap clap clap!

Square 1? Splat! Square 2? Kaboom! Elimination … Caroline!!! ROWL!

SMASH! This weekend … Rockridge Out & About on Sunday! 4SEB will be playing at Harwood & College from noon ish till we’re done! Join! Oakland Undergound Film Festival … toot! Hear you all next week!


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