The end of ‘Indian Summer’

It’s the beginning of October and the East Bay feels like mid summer. Like, it has been hella hot this week. This warm weather has come so late that many are tempted to refer to this warm climate as ‘Indian Summer,’ but 4 Square of the East Bay is gonna stay far away from that term for a couple reasons. Mainly, it’s a sensitivity issue. While the etymology of the term is murky, there is no denying that the native people of this land have suffered unmeasurable ills thanks to the United States of America, that our popular culture has marginalized them and their struggles and history that has tried to act like they never existed. The few glimpses that Americans have into a culture before the mass influx of Europeans is reduced to a couple of colloquial phrases and stereotypical mascots for sports teams. We are just a couple of weeks away from the loaded and controversial national holiday of Columbus Day where the citizens of the USA get a day off to remember Christopher Columbus, the man who ‘discovered’ the New World (even though people think that both the Vikings and the Chinese were here prior to him, not to mention the people already living here). Personally, I think that celebrating this holiday is kinda like me getting off BART, finding 4 Square East Bay for the first time, cutting everyone in line to go straight to A square and then having my picture taken as winner of the 4 Square Challenge. It just ain’t right! But 4SEB, does love a day off and if we are going to celebrate anything, lets do it right. Being that we are practically in Berkeley, during this hot weather 4SEB is gonna stay away from using terms that make us seem culturally insensitive and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. Take part in the Sunrise Ceremony at Alcatraz or just observe and reflect upon the fact that most things we were taught in history class were wrong. But, if you wanna be culturally insensitive, try this on for size. In conclusion, we should stop using the term ‘Indian Summer’ and start using the more accurate term ‘this weather is crazy because of pollution and over-consumption summer.’ Who’s with me?

As in keeping with our theme, the weather at Thursday’s game was not hot. 4SEB has officially ended ‘Indian Summer’ but just because the weather was cooling off, does not mean that our skills were. Let’s just say we kicked ass. Usually, 4 Square of the East Bay kicks ass and takes names, but not this week. This week was just about kicking ass. If you were there, you know you were there and you know that you kicked ass. Yeeeeah!

There were a couple of winners of the 4 Square Challenge and they actually worked their way up legitimately, not just by

‘discovering’ it. Let’s celebrate Uriah, Justin, Julian and Lee!

Let the haters hate and the players play… but elimination hates all players except for one. It was after midnight and the line curled around Square 1 and ballers fell like bees in a blizzard. The final battle was between two newcomers, Blake and Juan. It was brutal, but Juan, who just happened to be walking by and jumped in line for the last round, won out and got surprised with a picture. Way to win off the street Juan!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading the rant and you are all encouraged to do the right thing. This weekend Oakland has Art Murmur on Friday night in the Uptown district and the 4th Annual Estria Graffiti Battle at Defremery Park in West Oakland on Sunday. Get active! Also big shout out to everyone who tried to find us at the Rockridge Out & About… our set up was not so good so 4SEB went to Barclays to make a plan which ended up never happening. We had a great time tho!


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