Veterans of the Game

Thursday, November 11th was Veterans Day in America, a day when we honor those that have served in the military or those that just play video games. At 4 Square of the East Bay, we don’t really believe in violence, we believe in the healing power of the game. To celebrate Veterans Day 4SEB honored some of its veteran players who just happened to have birthdays around this time. Happy Birthday Sam and Uriah, you are veterans of the game!

To celebrate, everyone played 4 Square. There was less cake and more kick ass as the night started off small, but fierce. Soon more and more gathered, some to celebrate, some to play. Square 2 opened up after Square 1 had became overcrowded and a small b-boy/b-girl square appeared in between the two. Then, around 10:45, SPARKLERS! It was officially a party.

The veterans from last night were: Adam, Paul, Julian, Robert, Sam, Uriah, Michelle, Liz, John, Jerome, Mike, Kalen, Justin, Judi, Travis, Jordan, Phil, Daniel, Anne Marie, Mike, Elom, Will, Caitlin, Elena, Kendall, Ben, Kevin, Rachel and Lindsey. Play on playas.

While the focus of the night was distracted by sparkly fiery lights, some remembered the 4 Square Challenge. Uriah keeps his streak going and wins again. Happy birthday!

Elimination came early, but it was still ferocious! At the end of the night, a b-boy served the entire line and struck a pose. Way to win Will!

That’s all folks! Thanks for playing and celebrating, we love the attention. Bring your friends next time, but don’t be excessive. It’s not a good look. Also, Oakland finally has a mayor! Sadly, none of the major political players have ever graced our square to get our vote. Can we change that? Send them a link to this blog and tell them that we vote in a bloc! 4SEB has an upcoming event too. We’ll be at the Eat, Play, Bark Festival in Jefferson Square Park in Oakland from 11am to 2pm on Saturday, November 20th. Be there and bring the dog! See you next week…


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