Thanksgiving Leftovers…

Whew, it’s been a busy couple of weeks! It seem that the end of the year is always that way. After the November break folks ride a fridge of leftovers and get swept into a December full of shopping, spending money, family and all sorts of drama. Throw into the mix the colder weather and it can be a kinda depressing formula (especially if you are losing at fantasy football). Luckily, the East Bay has stable institutions that offer Holiday hassled residents some sort of consistency through the end of the year. 4 Square of the East Bay is all to happy to provide company and games to those who gather under the freeway and bounce balls in the parking lot.

4SEB has had a couple of event since the last post, so a quick update in pictures. These are from the Eat, Play, Bark Festival at Jefferson Square Park on November 20th (shout out and thanks to Robert for setting this one up) and Save A Turkey Square which took place on Thanksgiving after dinner. We were stuffed … full of awesomeness.

The thankful players from Save a Turkey Square were Julian, Lee, Gabby, Keith, Sam, Liz, Ben, Robert, Mike, Paul, Caroline, Lali and featured a special appearance by John, a 4 Square Legend from LA who was one of the fathers of 4SEBs lineage. A favored rule of the night was ‘Stuff you ate today’. The list went on forever. There were winners too! Julian consumed himself a 4 Square Challenge and Caroline finished the night by taking a bite out of some elimination winner pie! Congrats!

And then we had games last night too! Heck yes! Though it was rainy, hella people showed up! Maybe they were lured by the promise of free kitchen items that Sam was giving away or maybe they are just in love with the game.

Regardless, the players were Vi, Sam, Robert, Adam, Lali, Laura, Nick, Caroline, Emilie, Ben, Ian, Mike, Mike, Anne Marie, Lee, Caroline, Amy, Justin, Steph, Logan, Kendall, Judi, Barry, Micah, Paul, Will, Meira and Uriah. 4 Square Challenge winners were Lee and Phil. Hand clap and a finger snap.

The games raged on and on, new squares were drawn and balls got wet from bouncing in the rain. Elimination showed up after midnight and Square 1 was closed out and players lined up for the final games in Square 2. As it got down to the end Mike and Sam bounced the ball between them to see if they could determine a winner, but the game was so fun that the BART police decided they wanted to play too. As the music blasted from the police cruiser, neighbors came out of their houses and chased away the noisy cops before we were able to finalize a winner. Here is a picture of the finalists, throwing up gang signs and generally being hooligans.

That’s it for now! Next week will be a new one full of games and fun! If you’re feeling cold, move your body and bounce balls with us. It’s super fun. If you don’t believe us, ask any kid on a playground and they’ll tell you. Be safe, don’t spend too much money. Happy Hanukkah!


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