Fresh 4 2011 … you suckaaahs!

That’s right, it a new year and that year is 2011! 4SEB has hella things planned for this year, including sweatshirts, a 4 Square tournament on the West Coast, appearances at many street fests and weekly games! In fact there is so much planning to do, I don’t even have time to write a proper blog post! But, as Rachel described, the blog usually goes like this “Woooo! 4 Square is awesome! People were here! Yay, rules! Yay 4 Square! Lee wins!” Well, that’s semi-accurate, but this time, Uriah won a 4 Square Challenge and the elimination winners for the last two weeks were Paul and Sam! Here are pictures!

Thanks for looking, we wanna have a strong year! Hopefully, the quality of posts and events will pick up as the plan gets put together. Have a safe day!


2 Responses to “Fresh 4 2011 … you suckaaahs!”

  1. My friends and I tried to find you guys last night (1/20/11) but had no luck! Is it still happening?

  2. Hey Mark, we still meet every week! it could have been that we’ve been getting started later so you should probably show up 9:30/10:00pm … also we are close to the intersection of Shafter and Forest so don’t go wandering around the parking lot by Cactus, we are not there… hope to see you soon!

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