4SEB still wants you!

So it’s been a looong minute since we’ve posted up on this blog, but there have been recent events that make it necessary to make this thing semi-relevent again. This started out as a general recap of our weekly games, noting the fun rules and interesting people that stopped through the square, but because of increased people at the games and the recent employment of the guy who writes the blog, the recaps have dropped off. Oh well, thus is life on the internet.

But never fear! Just because the blog has been less-than-current does not mean the 4 Square of the East Bay is defunct! 4SEB is still alive and kicking, dolling out great fun for all ages! Cycles of new people have come and gone since our recaps stopped, but we’ve kept up with them on our Facebook profile. Much thanks to all of those who have played, posed for pictures and participated in events. Items of note include the Temescal Street Fair, Bites Off Broadway, Rockridge Out & About, Costume Square, Turkey Square, Sweater Vest Square, Winter Season Square, Bike Away From Work Party, multiple Rain Squares, the 4th Birthday Party, Prince Vs Michael Jackson Square, an Instagram account, news stories in Oakland North and (most recently) being voted Best of the East Bay by East Bay Express. Dang, we’ve been hella busy!

Included with the growth has been a conscious effort to create a culture of welcome for everyone who wanders through the Rockridge BART Parking lot on a Thursday night. Instead of having vets explain to noobs the nuances of our square, we’ve actually settled on some basic rules and a ‘parking lot code’ that will get everyone on the same page.


  1. Enter game through ‘D’ square, advance through ‘C,’ ‘B’ then ‘A.’
  2. ‘A’ Square serves to any square to start the round. No one can get out on a serve.
  3. If the ball bounces in your square, you must hit it into another square, even if that moves you out of your square. If, after you hit the ball, it bounces back in your square or out of the big square, you are out. Do not catch or hold the ball.
  4. If you intercept a ball BEFORE it hits the ground in your square, that counts as hitting your square. Hit it directly in to another square.
  5. If a ball bounce on an outside line, that ball is ‘in’ your square and should be played.
  6. ‘A’ square is KING and must rule on all disputed plays, deciding whether someone is OUT, or if a DO-OVER* or a DUEL** is in order.
  7. Hitting a ball that isn’t yours to hit is considered ‘interference’ (resulting in a do-over or duel).
  8. ‘A’ square can choose to make special rules which apply to all players equally and all players must follow. No discriminatory rules.

*DO-OVER: No one is out, the round is replayed.

**DUEL: A two player round to determine who will be out. Higher square serves and after the serve, three nice hits are counted out loud, then the ball is live. Duels can be side-by-side or diagonal.

CONTINUATION OF PLAY: You can be ‘saved’ if, after you are out, two players continue to play the ball. YOU can be the second player in you own ‘save.’ You are NOT ‘saved’ if only one player continues to play the ball.


  • First one’s free! New people going to or coming from BART get to cut to the front.
  • Talk to people. They are friendly.
  • Respect the space!
  • Tuck your drank, stash your trash, control yourself.
  • Smoke away from the square.
  • Don’t be a jerk!

So that’s the latest! This blog will be updated when big events happen or something cool is afoot! Again, our main contact is our Facebook page (search 4 Square of the East Bay or FourSquare EastBay) but you are more than welcome to stop by the Rockridge BART Parking lot on a Thursday night between 9pm and midnight to smack balls around. See you around!


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