Parking Lot Rules

4 Square is a game played with a bouncy rubber playground ball where one big square (20 ft x 20 ft) is divided equally in to four sections (10 ft x 10 ft) and labeled A, B, C & D. The ball is served from the player in A square and when it bounces in a players square, they must physically return it to another player’s square. Balls hit out of the big square or back into one’s own square result in that player being out. Players enter in through D square and must work their way up to A square. Once in A square, the player serves the ball to any other square and can make up rules that suit them (ie. everyone must play with one hand OR you must spin after each hit OR as you hit the ball you must yell out a country of the world etc). Rules are meant to be fun and challenging, not to give anyone a particular advantage. That being said, there are some standing basic rules to our game…

Basic rules for 4 Square of the East Bay:
1) You can’t get out on a serve (AKA no aces). It sucks to get out when you first get in.
2) If you hit the ball out, but two people play on the ball then the game keeps going like you were never out. If you hit the ball out and two people DON’T play on it (ie the person to hit it after you hits it out OR the second person stops play) YOU are the one who is out.
3) If a ball hits an outer line, the hit is IN and should be played on.
4) A Square has the final say in all rulings. They can call do-overs or duels and are generally right in all things. Unless the crowd boos them thus pressuring to change their ruling.
5) If a ball bounces into someone’s square, let them return it. Don’t get in the way of a ball someone can hit or they’ll call ‘interference’ on you either resulting in a do-over or a duel.
6) If you intercept the ball in the air before it hits the pavement in your square, that counts as hitting the ground. Put that ball directly in to someone else’s square because if you hit it into your square, YOU’RE OUT.
7) If there is a conflict or dispute, this is usually solved by a DUEL which is a 2 Square battle between the arguing parties, set off by three good and fair hits before trying to get each other out.
8 ) DON’T BE A JERK! Instead, seek to be excellent. A certain level of competition is to be expected but you’re not gonna make any friends by proving to everyone that you can slam a ball over their heads. Remember, it’s a kid’s game, so don’t get bent out of shape. It’s not a good look.
9) HAVE FUN! Be flexible and allow people to be themselves. Not everyone’s style of play is going to look the same, so come through with an open mind and open heart and let the game flow…

This might seem like a lot, but in reality, it’s not. It’s all for the sake of fun šŸ™‚


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