Read about 4SEB

As much as 4SEB likes to write its own copy, others have found us interesting as well. Check out these articles/features/blurbs about 4 Square of the East Bay! Just click on them and they should take you away…

Martin Ricard’s video from (this was the first piece done on us!)

Patsy K. Eagan wrote a quick blurb about us for Oakland Magazine (we’re alllll the way at the bottom)

Emily Raguso took the time to do an entire article for Oakland Local!

Dara Kerr came to the square in the rain to do a radio piece on us for Cross Currents on KALW!

4SEB is totally mentioned in this article about Oaklavía by Carolyn Jones for the SF Chronicle (there are also pictures in the slideshow)!

Pretty cool right? If you’d like to do a news story, radio story, video or whatever on or including 4 Square of the East Bay, that would be awesome! Contact us by either showing up and playing on Thursday nights from 9pm to midnight in the Rockridge BART station parking lot, emailing or messaging us through either our facebook fan page or profile page. See you in the media!


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