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State of the 4 Square Union

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My fellow players, our modern world faces many challenges, but 4SEB stands here today to promise you a brighter future, full of games, laughter and joy. While the past year has not been kind to us economically we take solace in the fact we can gatherĀ  together underneath the freeway in the Rockridge BART parking lot for no charge other than a smile and friendly conversation. As we work together to draw more squares than in our past, to recruit more players than the week before, to stay in the game longer than our last round, we must remember that this community revolves around the people. While 4SEB seems like a Thursday night staple, it is only this way because of your vigorous participation. From our humble beginnings on myspace, to our now well known presence on facebook 4 Square of the East Bay has cemented itself in the consciousness of the East Bay Area. As we look towards the future, our hopes are to expand the good feelings that we share on a weekly basis to those that need it most. The losers, those at the back of the line, the people who are too scared to play, the people trying to get to their cars. 4SEB opens its arms and say “Welcome, you are part of our 4 Square family!” Thank you, thank you! God bless you, and God bless 4 Square of the East Bay!

Thanks to all the players who showed up: Leah, Lee, Uriah, Rachel, Robert, Mike, Meira, Eric, Gabby, Kendall, Laura, Mike, Paul, Cassandra, Lisa, Mike, Steve, Mika, Anne Marie, Greg, Justin, Judi, Kyle, Adam, Vi, Casey, Jordan, Sam and Rasha! Much thanks to ROBERT for bringing the stereo, setting up the square and taking these new fancy pictures! Big ups to ROBERT and MEIRA for providing yummy snacks for the eating! Shout out to LEE for bringing the ball because no one else had balls (sorry folks for starting so late). And a huge hug goes to JORDAN because it was her BIRTHDAY and she let everyone know!

In other news, Lee won a 4 Square Challenge. Someone should stop him, he’s got too many pictures on this blog. But I guess when you look this good, you deserve to win?

The elimination rounds were super confusing last night. In an unprecedented move, both Square 1 & Square 2 called elimination simultaneously. This was chaos because as soon as someone was eliminated they would walk to the other square where they would be yelled at because the line had been closed. This led to the weird idea that a player could be eliminated in each square once and that the winner of each elimination square would duel each other. This might have worked, but it totally didn’t. There was confusion, yelling, cheating and being cheated. Whatever, it’s just a game. In the end Vi and Mike faced off and Mike won, but due to utter confusion they both get their picture on the blog. It’s just that Mike gets to hold the ball. Yay!

That’s all for today! Enjoy your weekend it’s gonna be a good one. Be back next week for your chance to be awesome!


Veterans of the Game

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Thursday, November 11th was Veterans Day in America, a day when we honor those that have served in the military or those that just play video games. At 4 Square of the East Bay, we don’t really believe in violence, we believe in the healing power of the game. To celebrate Veterans Day 4SEB honored some of its veteran players who just happened to have birthdays around this time. Happy Birthday Sam and Uriah, you are veterans of the game!

To celebrate, everyone played 4 Square. There was less cake and more kick ass as the night started off small, but fierce. Soon more and more gathered, some to celebrate, some to play. Square 2 opened up after Square 1 had became overcrowded and a small b-boy/b-girl square appeared in between the two. Then, around 10:45, SPARKLERS! It was officially a party.

The veterans from last night were: Adam, Paul, Julian, Robert, Sam, Uriah, Michelle, Liz, John, Jerome, Mike, Kalen, Justin, Judi, Travis, Jordan, Phil, Daniel, Anne Marie, Mike, Elom, Will, Caitlin, Elena, Kendall, Ben, Kevin, Rachel and Lindsey. Play on playas.

While the focus of the night was distracted by sparkly fiery lights, some remembered the 4 Square Challenge. Uriah keeps his streak going and wins again. Happy birthday!

Elimination came early, but it was still ferocious! At the end of the night, a b-boy served the entire line and struck a pose. Way to win Will!

That’s all folks! Thanks for playing and celebrating, we love the attention. Bring your friends next time, but don’t be excessive. It’s not a good look. Also, Oakland finally has a mayor! Sadly, none of the major political players have ever graced our square to get our vote. Can we change that? Send them a link to this blog and tell them that we vote in a bloc! 4SEB has an upcoming event too. We’ll be at the Eat, Play, Bark Festival in Jefferson Square Park in Oakland from 11am to 2pm on Saturday, November 20th. Be there and bring the dog! See you next week…

Moon Over 4 Square

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What a strange, strange day the East Bay had on Thursday. The weather was crazier than Janelle Monae’s new album and our city was blasted by wind, downpours, thunder and some good ol’ Cali sunshine. Though a little damp and wet, it all became clear as night fell. The clouds parted to reveal the true culprit of the mysteriously odd goings-on: the moon was full. Under its powerful reflected light and intense gravitational effects, regular people transformed into beasts and ripped into each others guts. This probably explains why the games played in the square were so brutal. Everyone was a werewolf.

Reminiscent of ‘No Mercy Mondays,’ this Thursday games had a noticeable lack of rules. No spinning, no pirates or zombies, no breakfast cereals or birds or things that live under water, nothing like that! It was all about taking your opponents out and obnoxiously celebrating your victory. That might have had something to do with the fact that it was the last night of ‘Movie May’ and people were encouraged to act hard and posture for the camera. In truth, 4SEB is a very friendly group of people who enjoy the silly, but if we wanna represent on the nation stage of the internet, we gotta look badass. That means be a jerk. At least for the camera.

The jerks from last night were Robert, Uriah, Vi, Liz, Angie, Sam, Joia, Mike, Rachel, Gabby, Lee, Hannah, Mandel, Mike, Jordan and Charlie. New players were Loren and Audrey who went beast mode on fools and left the square dripping in other people’s blood. Not really, but it felt that way. Successful 4 Square challenge were hard to come by, but one player made it not once, but twice. Wow, that’s nice. Waytago Robert, here is your picture on the blog!

The games were ruthlessly exhausting but addictive. It was like once a person got a taste, they needed more. Injuries happened, but players played through. Some attempted to call elimination before midnight only to be shouted down. When it finally did happen, everyone went in for the kill. After the dust settled and body parts were strewn across the parking lot, Adam lifted his head and howled at the moon. Way to eat up all opponents…

It was fun as always with lots of laughs amidst the competition. Maybe people are feeling the summer approaching, maybe they were thinking about the World Championships, maybe they were just drunk, but the skill level of 4SEB has really stepped up. We intend on showing the world how good we are (and how fun it is) in our new video which should be coming out later in June. Speaking of June, 4 Square of the East Bay is TURNING TWO YEARS OLD! The party is gonna happen on June 17th in the Rockridge BART station parking lot… WOW! Who could have known that a random whim started by a couple of guys with balls, chalk and a myspace page could have blossomed into to this awesome little community? Well, let me tell you, WE KNEW! Thanks for being great to us and making the games happen for the past two years. Bring all your friends and let’s keep it going!

This blog is 4 you!

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Just getting this started, but if you have suggestions on what you want to see up here (4 Square related of course) holla at us… at this point, expecting a total of ZERO responses cuz no one knows this exists… let’s get the word out, shall we?

Social media!


To tide folks over, here is a picture of 4 Square’s own Hardcore Dancing-Queen’s birthday celebration which ended up with a whole crew playing 4 Square in Oakland’s Jack London Square! Enjoy!