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Love is in the Square

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Why do they put the holiday about love and warmth in the middle of cold winter? Thank goodness 4 Square of the East Bay is located in the East Bay, the sunny side of the bay. Also it helps to have no winter, kinda like the winter we’ve been experiencing. Well, whatever the weather, we’ll be together, whether you like it or not. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, the Square was full of love on Thursday night, but it manifested itself as a whole bunch of smack talk, some beer drinking, yells of frustration and the occasional taunting. It was like middle school love. While the couples cuddled up at the end of the line, the hoards of bitter single people decided to go all out in a frenzy of stunning slams and sickening spins. At the end, everyone was sweaty and feeling good. Isn’t that what love is all about?

Whether single or shackled, everyone at 4SEB loves to play the game. Let’s send hugs and kisses to all our players including Jessica, Mitchell, Vi, Robert, Sam, Paul, Roxanne, Eric, Lali (thanks for the cinnamon buns!), Leah, Jordan, Lee, Jack, Mike, Justin, Julian, Sanjay, Adam, Judi and probably more! At least one of them will be your valentine…

Rules were shown some love and people played like pirates, with elbows, like animals, while shouting out things but play was mostly rough and tumble. Lee made a 4 Square Challenge. And won. Wooooooooooo?

Elimination came to Square 1 first and then swept to Square 2 (like revolutions?) where the love was locked down. When it was all over, all of the losers had no love for Lee. Because he won. Who. Ray.

That wraps it up for this week. If you need some urban gaming organization to be your valentine, 4SEB is there for you. As more than just a friend.

Speaking of friends, the East Bay Bike Party is doing it’s thang tonight! It’s a mustache ride so sport your stache with pride and head down to Lake Merritt BART at 7:30pm. The party will eventually wind up at the Parkway Lounge with beer and food! Wear a helmet.

Lastly, we want to show love to the people of Egypt and the people in another square (Tahrir Square), which is full of the love of the people. When President Hosni Mubarak stepped down this morning, their revolution has been realized, but it is just the first step towards building a truly egalitarian society. The struggle does not stop now so here is to hopes that their momentum carries them to a brighter future for their country and for our world. Stay up to date on what is happening in North Africa by tuning into Al Jazeera English. Be safe world, we’ll play games as long as we can.


Season of Giving

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We are in the middle of the winter season! Ah December, the month between Thanksgiving and New Years … you know, the one where you eat a lot, hang out with family and spend more than you should. While our memories of childhood Decembers might be peppered with greed and anticipation of gifts (what? goodwill towards men? peace on earth? um, gimme toys…) it is important to remember that this is a time of reflection and generosity. As folks grow up and budgets tighten (even more), the people of the American must take the little things in life as gifts. 4 Square of the East Bay would like to buy everyone a turkey and an iTunes card, but we just can’t afford it right now, so 4SEB would like to offer itself up as a present. With this gift of games and community, people from all over can come, relax, have a laugh in a silly environment and feel free to be themselves. Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we hope that 4 Square can offer just a little bit of celebration to your week as you dance around a parking lot, getting your hands dirty on rubber balls. Everyone needs to have real interactions and what better way to spend the holidays than by trying to get a person you just met out before they slam a ball in your square?

The games on Thursday were full of mirth and cider. Sleightbells were not heard, but occasionally the parking lot did ring out with the melodic carols of “Redo!” and “CAAAR!” The players were numerous, too numerous to name. Let’s just say that the line was long and full of cold noses in need of warming up next to a hot fire (hot fire being A square). The rules seemed to play the part of Scrooge and did not care for the season which meant there were no holiday rules called, just stupid ones like the Commie Rule, the On-Deck Rule, Non-Dominant hand, Breakfast Cereals, Profession Sports Teams, Superheroes and Countries of the World. Still, 4SEB stuffed everyones stockings with a whole lot of fun.

No 4 Square Challenges were won, but elimination came a little bit after midnight. Both Square 1 and 2 were cheerful and competitive, but the last rounds found Anne Marie and Eric trying to see who would be atop 4SEBs ‘Good’ list and receive the present of having a crappy picture put of them on the blog. It was Eric. Merry 4 Square, Eric!

Thanks for coming out last night on a rather cold evening with a slick surface and hard to see balls. It was fun! There are also other fun things happening this weekend, but mainly it’s the East Bay Bike Party’s Holiday Bike Party taking place tonight (Friday, December 10th) that we wanna talk about. This party on bikes is meeting at the Downtown Berkeley BART station around 7:30pm and leaving for a whimsical ride through the area and ending up in West Oakland at the Linden Street Brewery for a stationary party with food vendors, karaoke, dancing and live music. You should really be there.

Also, next week is the premier of Tron: Legacy. FYI many of the 4SEB mainstays will be attending the Friday morning (Thursday night) 1st screening so next week will be ‘BRING YOUR OWN BALL/CHALK/STEREO/IPOD’ night for 4 Square. Are you up to the challenge of making 4 Square work? Sure you are, you like your music better then the crap they play there anyway.

Well, we wish you a happy time as 2010 comes to a close. This year has been a wild and wonderful one for 4SEB as we’ve increased our presence in the East Bay’s mind have amassed at least 10 readers to this blog. Because of the interwebs accessibility we could be world famous and that’s kinda cool. Remember to give back to your community, to tell the people that you love that you love them and to have fun. Harbor no ill-will towards the people who got you out, because soon enough, they too will end up at the back of the line.


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Is that a chill in the air? No, it’s just all those grown-up kids from 4 Square East Bay being cool. We don’t get bad weather in the Bay, we just dress in layers. It’s October already (already?) and while the rest of the country runs in doors and grabs sweaters, 4SEB sips on spiced ales and does what it does best … beats you at 4 Square. Autumn and winter have proven hard times for outdoor urban games but with a strong following and serious players, the crew from the parking lot will skip hibernation and play year round. We’ve braved the rain and the wind before, it’s just this time, we’ve got a blog to document it. Don’t be left out in the cold, warm up with a friendly game! 4SEB is here for you. Always.

The ballers got their hustle on all night. There was discussion of the World Championships of 4 Square but financial concerns brought up the possibility of having our own tournament on the West Coast (possibly the 4 Square International Championship?). Either way, 4SEB will be in the mix, one way or another. Players mixed it up with a variety of rules with the favorites being: the Commie Rule, Cities of the World, play with one hand, Spin Rounds, On Deck Square, Jump out of your square, touch the ground after you hit and things that live under water. This ain’t yo daddy’s 4 Square, this is Parking Lot Square!

Shout out to the long list of players who showed up! They were: Sanjay, Sam, Daniel, Caroline, Linnaea, Katy, Lee, Jordan, Anne Marie, Liz, Lali, Julian, Rachel, Mike, Caroline, Phil, Nam, Stephen, Robert, Julian, Justin, Laila, Rasha, Angie, George, Paul, Adam, Kendall, Celia, JP, Julie, Mike, Vi, Juan, Hugo, Casey and Jerome. There were also spectators but you don’t get your name in the blog if you don’t play. Sorry (not really). Also thanks to Robert for cinnamon bunning the whole crowd. Yum!

4 Square Challenge winners were numerous and most were well deserving of their victory. The rest of 4SEB, you gotta stop these people! Congrats to Sam, Phil, Lee, Daniel, Justin and Lali!

Squares 1 & 2 raged for quite a while as people took forever to work themselves up to elimination. Eventually, it did happen. Square 2 closed out first followed by the bellowing call to end the night. Everyone lined up and talked smack but, in the end, it didn’t matter. Vi and Adam squared off and, once again, Vi stands for Victory. Wayta win it all!

And that was a quick recap of everything that happened! Well maybe not everything, but if you missed it, you missed another great night with 4SEB. Speaking of great nights, what are you doing tonight? You should be joining the East Bay Bike Party for Zombie Ride! It’s starting tonight at 7:30pm departing from Frank Ogawa Plaza/Oakland City Hall (hey, isn’t that the place they play capture the flag on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays?) and riding all around Oakland and Alameda. Or if you are afraid of Zombies, hit up the Oaktoberfest in the Diamond District on Saturday. This is an all day, beer enjoying affair with live music and great dancing by our friends Mix’d Ingrdnts and BODIROCK! If that wasn’t enough food, why don’t you register right quick for the ForageSF Underground Market happening in Oakland Saturday night! Yeah baby, eat up! Lastly, Sunday is 10/10/10 and the East Side Arts Alliance is holding a conference on Cell Phone Justice. If you were wondering how to help improve your community by using your communicator, this event is gonna be very insightful.

That about wraps it up! 4SEB has a couple of events we’re gonna be at including next weekend at the Old Oakland Beer Festival! Check us out! Also, folks are gearing up for Costume Square 2010 so shouldn’t you be doing the same? See you next week!

Taking Back Our Space!

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Fresh on the heels of the East Bay Bike Party (which takes back the streets in a party fashion) and PARKing Day on Friday (where parking spots are turning into mini-parks), 4 Square of the East Bay decided to finally reclaim our lane in the Rockridge BART parking lot from the retrofitting that has been happening for months. Actually, BART probably decided that the section they had been working on was safe and moved on to more dangerous parts of the station. While the players loved the chain link fence containing the construction, there was a perpetual fear of bouncing the ball over and then falling in a hole. Also, what is 4SEB without the constant call of ‘CAAAR!’ warning unaware players that speeding vehicles are baring down on them? Who doesn’t like to stop the game and wave at drivers who are wondering ‘What the hell is going on here?’

The night itself was really nice! The weather was warm, but not too hot and the squares were chill. While Square 3 did not make an appearance, Square 1 and 2 kept people busy and sweaty all night. The game has really stepped up but the atmosphere remains friendly. Sure, there was jockeying for Mayorship of 4 Square on FourSquare (maybe in preparation for the upcoming elections?) but what really counts is that people played and had fun. Rules helped with this and ballers played with the Commie Rule, Countries of the World, Breakfast Cereals, Spin Rounds, Soccer Style, Make A Sound Like Michael Jackson, Push-Up Square and Precision Square. New players took it upon themselves to make up new rules and that equals awesome.

Everyone was there, including: Sandra, Fred, Gina, Phil, Robert, Justin, Sam, Gabby, Yaminah, Mike, Jordan, Lali, Sanjay, Scott, Claire, Rasha, Mike, Caroline, Daniel, Miguel, Sara, Adriana, Will, Julian, Liz, Kendall, Lego, Toby, Patrick, Marc, Eric, Rita, Charlie, Ariel, Dorian, Rachel and Mike! Shout out to Robert for bringing snacks and water! If you wanna be cool, you can also bring snacks… just sayin’… 4 Square Challenges were called but only a few were completed. Congrats Sam, Phil and Lee. Don’t let the cars hit you while you are posing/celebrating.

4 Square of the East Bay was all about taking back and taking up space. Balls flew every which way (including onto people’s heads) and players dodged cars to improve their reflexes. Alas, it could not last forever and elimination was called in Square 2 shortly after midnight. Ballers balled and players played and everyone eventually made their way back to Square 1. The final elimination was called by Lee and he dealt a swift end to many a player before being eliminated himself. After a tumultuous elimination duel between Phil and Lali, Phil faced off against Mike to see who was the king of the night. It was Mike who kindly posed for this picture afterward…

Phew! Another Thursday night in the books and on the blog! Way to go team! Speaking of team… 4 Square of the East Bay is looking to put together a crew to go to the Four Square World Championships in Maine this upcoming February. We’ve been talking about it for two years, it’s time to make it happen. Let’s get together and see what we need to do/know so we can take the East Bay to the East Coast and kick some ass. What we really need is a space to practice so if you know of any gyms that 4SEB can get into, holla at us at

Also, other super fun things going down this weekend … it’s CO-LAB going down at the New Parish in Oakland on Friday night! Don’t sleep on this super special artist showcase put on by hella East Bay musicians. Also, the Oakland Outlaws, Oakland’s own roller-derby team, takes on the Richmond Wrecking Belles in Richmond on Saturday. Keep em rolling… Lastly, for your Saturday night party, our great friends Elle Nino whaack it out at FRUITCAKE happening at the Stud Bar in SF. This party looks like dirty dirty fun so if you wanna live it up, go and see this show, it’s gonna be all coconuts and bananas! But, if you’re doing high holidays this weekend, here’s wishing you a reflective Yom Kippur. That’s it, look for you next week in the square!

Season Opener: Big Games!

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This past Thursday night was the night of big games! While the East Bay has love for the Big Easy, we had to represent in our own fashion … with another huge turn out at 4 Square! Seriously, it felt a little like Bourbon St in the parking lot, but with more chalk art and less flashing. Music bumped, people danced, some watched, most participated and the community came together to have fun and get to know each other. This is the second week in a row that 4SEB has had no trouble maintaining and running 3 full squares for 3 full hours. That sounds like some big games! So if you are new to this blog or to our family of ballers, please invite your friends to come and join us! But only if they are really gonna step up and have fun … No side-line commentators please. And you know what they say … once you play, you’ll never go away.

The big games brought out some big names all trying to go for the big fame… the players were: Mike, Travis, Jordan, Lee, Julian, Daniel, Rita, Liz, Angie, Mike, Robert, Caroline, Lali, Will, Ben, Sam, Justin, Anne Marie, Eric, Sanjay, Steph, Max, Eric, Gene, John, Carlos, Anjali, Laila, Paul, Mitchel, Laura, Sara, Casey, Jerome, Serena, Daniel, Mike, Xochitl, Liza, Ian, Xochitl, Stephanie, Cordelia, Logan, Ben, Adam, George, Julian, Micky, Gabby and Mike! Dunno if you’re counting, but that’s a lot of people! Plus more who watched by the cupcakes! Speaking of cupcakes, 4SEB celebrated the birthdays of Ben, Mike and Robert by singing to the lucky virgo trio and eating sweet things… Thanks for being born guys!

Rules made their way through the melee that was the night only to show up and stay up in all three squares. Favorites were the Commie Rule, Countries of the World, Soccer Style, Precision Square, Get To Know You Square and a couple of rounds of Tag-Team doubles. It was hot. 4SEB encourages the people who get to ‘A’ Square to be creative and get funky with their rule making. Even if people don’t like it, they’ve gotta do what you say cuz you are at the top! Really, what we gotta do is bring back a couple of rounds of Kung-Fu Animal Square… The 4 Square Challenge seeped its way into the night, but challengers were smacked around and then down to the ground. Four people managed to fight their way through and get their pictures taken in a crappy fashion. Whoot whoot for Ben, Sam, Ben and Justin! Also big BIG shoutout goes to Ben (the second one, not the birthday one) for showing up to our Square because not only did he win the 4 Square Challenge, he introduced it to 4 Square of the East Bay. If that wasn’t enough, he is also one of the originators of our style of square which comes all the way from the East Coast via Olde English Comedy. Check em out!

With so many people having fun it’s hard to call elimination. Everyone feeds off of each other and wants to compete and be the best. It sucks when the line is long and players have to wait so the big games went well beyond midnight. But eventually, Square 1 and Square 2 shut down leaving the losers (and the winners) to line up in Square 3. Battles were hard fought, hands were clapped for players and at the end of the final elimination Lali and Stephanie had just one person to beat to be called 4 Square Champ for the week. Sorry Lali, but this week it goes to Stephanie who’s enthusiasm and strategic position at the end of the line clinched her the win. Who dat say they gon beat Stephanie?

Thanks to everyone who has been showing up these past few weeks! Without you, 4SEB would never have lines and all of the conversations would be boring. Big game thanks go to all the people who brought food for the birthday boys and for the people who helped clean up the trash and other stuff. You make it happen, the community is you. Awesome. On the list of things to do this weekend is the East Bay Bike Party starting on Friday, September 10th at 7:30pm at Downtown Berkeley BART. The theme is Wild West so show up with your bike dressed as a horse. Also all weekend is the Power To The Peaceful Festival happening in Golden Gate Park on the other side of the Bay. Go enjoy some music and some peace. Lastly, our thoughts go out to San Bruno who’s community was shocked last night by an exploding gas line and subsequent fires. Nothing is ever certain so let’s treat each other with respect and love when we see each other. Have a positive weekend Bay Area, see you next week!