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The Night B4 the Night B4 Xmas…

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Twas a night before Christmas, and all through the lot
Some people bounced balls, noses dripping with snot,
The square was drawn on the asphalt with care,
In hopes that hella players soon would be there.

The ballers were amped all ready for the games,
While visions of winning danced in their brains.
As cops in their cars made folks stash their booze,
The Square before Christmas featured a whole lot of Jews.

When out of the boombox there arose such a racket,
I sprung into action, with fly moves to match it.
All  in the Square, I soon rose to the top,
With all of my skill, there was no way I would stop.

The moon over Rockridge gave folks a great view,
Of me serving everyone, yes even you.
When, what to my wondering eyes should show up,
But more folks wanting to play, thinking they’re tough.

With a little old move, so lively and quick,
I got fools out with a monster slam hit.
More rapid than eagles these ballers they came,
And I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

“Now Liz! now, Greg! now, Justin and Lee!
C’mon, Caroline! C’mon, Robert! Three Mikes and a Keith!
What up Sam? What up Laura? Hey Eric and Lali!
I’ll get you out Martin, you’ll be hatin’ me prob’ly!”

And then, in a twinkling, I heard in the air,
Folks talking about how I should be out of A Square,
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
They jumped into the square with a furious bound.

They were dressed all funny, with scraves round their faces,
Cutting in line and fighting about places,
A bundle of moves they introduced to the game,
But everyone who tried, got out just the same. .

Their eyes-how they cried! Their smiles were not there!
Why was it so serious, this game of 4 Square?
They talked mad shit, their temper was bitter,
One of them vowed to practice all winter.

I laughed in their faces, utterly certain,
That I would stay in, and their attitude worsened,
I jumped and I hit, showed guile and malice,
So much that a player cried “I 4 Square challenge!”

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,
And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had something to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Getting out players (they called him a jerk).
And laying his eyes firmly on me,
He raised up one finger, finger number three.

He sprang to the ball, the line gave a shout,
And away the ball bounced and then I was out!
I heard him exclaim, as he started to sing,
“It’s the night before Xmas, and I am the King!”


Season of Giving

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We are in the middle of the winter season! Ah December, the month between Thanksgiving and New Years … you know, the one where you eat a lot, hang out with family and spend more than you should. While our memories of childhood Decembers might be peppered with greed and anticipation of gifts (what? goodwill towards men? peace on earth? um, gimme toys…) it is important to remember that this is a time of reflection and generosity. As folks grow up and budgets tighten (even more), the people of the American must take the little things in life as gifts. 4 Square of the East Bay would like to buy everyone a turkey and an iTunes card, but we just can’t afford it right now, so 4SEB would like to offer itself up as a present. With this gift of games and community, people from all over can come, relax, have a laugh in a silly environment and feel free to be themselves. Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we hope that 4 Square can offer just a little bit of celebration to your week as you dance around a parking lot, getting your hands dirty on rubber balls. Everyone needs to have real interactions and what better way to spend the holidays than by trying to get a person you just met out before they slam a ball in your square?

The games on Thursday were full of mirth and cider. Sleightbells were not heard, but occasionally the parking lot did ring out with the melodic carols of “Redo!” and “CAAAR!” The players were numerous, too numerous to name. Let’s just say that the line was long and full of cold noses in need of warming up next to a hot fire (hot fire being A square). The rules seemed to play the part of Scrooge and did not care for the season which meant there were no holiday rules called, just stupid ones like the Commie Rule, the On-Deck Rule, Non-Dominant hand, Breakfast Cereals, Profession Sports Teams, Superheroes and Countries of the World. Still, 4SEB stuffed everyones stockings with a whole lot of fun.

No 4 Square Challenges were won, but elimination came a little bit after midnight. Both Square 1 and 2 were cheerful and competitive, but the last rounds found Anne Marie and Eric trying to see who would be atop 4SEBs ‘Good’ list and receive the present of having a crappy picture put of them on the blog. It was Eric. Merry 4 Square, Eric!

Thanks for coming out last night on a rather cold evening with a slick surface and hard to see balls. It was fun! There are also other fun things happening this weekend, but mainly it’s the East Bay Bike Party’s Holiday Bike Party taking place tonight (Friday, December 10th) that we wanna talk about. This party on bikes is meeting at the Downtown Berkeley BART station around 7:30pm and leaving for a whimsical ride through the area and ending up in West Oakland at the Linden Street Brewery for a stationary party with food vendors, karaoke, dancing and live music. You should really be there.

Also, next week is the premier of Tron: Legacy. FYI many of the 4SEB mainstays will be attending the Friday morning (Thursday night) 1st screening so next week will be ‘BRING YOUR OWN BALL/CHALK/STEREO/IPOD’ night for 4 Square. Are you up to the challenge of making 4 Square work? Sure you are, you like your music better then the crap they play there anyway.

Well, we wish you a happy time as 2010 comes to a close. This year has been a wild and wonderful one for 4SEB as we’ve increased our presence in the East Bay’s mind have amassed at least 10 readers to this blog. Because of the interwebs accessibility we could be world famous and that’s kinda cool. Remember to give back to your community, to tell the people that you love that you love them and to have fun. Harbor no ill-will towards the people who got you out, because soon enough, they too will end up at the back of the line.

Thanksgiving Leftovers…

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Whew, it’s been a busy couple of weeks! It seem that the end of the year is always that way. After the November break folks ride a fridge of leftovers and get swept into a December full of shopping, spending money, family and all sorts of drama. Throw into the mix the colder weather and it can be a kinda depressing formula (especially if you are losing at fantasy football). Luckily, the East Bay has stable institutions that offer Holiday hassled residents some sort of consistency through the end of the year. 4 Square of the East Bay is all to happy to provide company and games to those who gather under the freeway and bounce balls in the parking lot.

4SEB has had a couple of event since the last post, so a quick update in pictures. These are from the Eat, Play, Bark Festival at Jefferson Square Park on November 20th (shout out and thanks to Robert for setting this one up) and Save A Turkey Square which took place on Thanksgiving after dinner. We were stuffed … full of awesomeness.

The thankful players from Save a Turkey Square were Julian, Lee, Gabby, Keith, Sam, Liz, Ben, Robert, Mike, Paul, Caroline, Lali and featured a special appearance by John, a 4 Square Legend from LA who was one of the fathers of 4SEBs lineage. A favored rule of the night was ‘Stuff you ate today’. The list went on forever. There were winners too! Julian consumed himself a 4 Square Challenge and Caroline finished the night by taking a bite out of some elimination winner pie! Congrats!

And then we had games last night too! Heck yes! Though it was rainy, hella people showed up! Maybe they were lured by the promise of free kitchen items that Sam was giving away or maybe they are just in love with the game.

Regardless, the players were Vi, Sam, Robert, Adam, Lali, Laura, Nick, Caroline, Emilie, Ben, Ian, Mike, Mike, Anne Marie, Lee, Caroline, Amy, Justin, Steph, Logan, Kendall, Judi, Barry, Micah, Paul, Will, Meira and Uriah. 4 Square Challenge winners were Lee and Phil. Hand clap and a finger snap.

The games raged on and on, new squares were drawn and balls got wet from bouncing in the rain. Elimination showed up after midnight and Square 1 was closed out and players lined up for the final games in Square 2. As it got down to the end Mike and Sam bounced the ball between them to see if they could determine a winner, but the game was so fun that the BART police decided they wanted to play too. As the music blasted from the police cruiser, neighbors came out of their houses and chased away the noisy cops before we were able to finalize a winner. Here is a picture of the finalists, throwing up gang signs and generally being hooligans.

That’s it for now! Next week will be a new one full of games and fun! If you’re feeling cold, move your body and bounce balls with us. It’s super fun. If you don’t believe us, ask any kid on a playground and they’ll tell you. Be safe, don’t spend too much money. Happy Hanukkah!

Veterans of the Game

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Thursday, November 11th was Veterans Day in America, a day when we honor those that have served in the military or those that just play video games. At 4 Square of the East Bay, we don’t really believe in violence, we believe in the healing power of the game. To celebrate Veterans Day 4SEB honored some of its veteran players who just happened to have birthdays around this time. Happy Birthday Sam and Uriah, you are veterans of the game!

To celebrate, everyone played 4 Square. There was less cake and more kick ass as the night started off small, but fierce. Soon more and more gathered, some to celebrate, some to play. Square 2 opened up after Square 1 had became overcrowded and a small b-boy/b-girl square appeared in between the two. Then, around 10:45, SPARKLERS! It was officially a party.

The veterans from last night were: Adam, Paul, Julian, Robert, Sam, Uriah, Michelle, Liz, John, Jerome, Mike, Kalen, Justin, Judi, Travis, Jordan, Phil, Daniel, Anne Marie, Mike, Elom, Will, Caitlin, Elena, Kendall, Ben, Kevin, Rachel and Lindsey. Play on playas.

While the focus of the night was distracted by sparkly fiery lights, some remembered the 4 Square Challenge. Uriah keeps his streak going and wins again. Happy birthday!

Elimination came early, but it was still ferocious! At the end of the night, a b-boy served the entire line and struck a pose. Way to win Will!

That’s all folks! Thanks for playing and celebrating, we love the attention. Bring your friends next time, but don’t be excessive. It’s not a good look. Also, Oakland finally has a mayor! Sadly, none of the major political players have ever graced our square to get our vote. Can we change that? Send them a link to this blog and tell them that we vote in a bloc! 4SEB has an upcoming event too. We’ll be at the Eat, Play, Bark Festival in Jefferson Square Park in Oakland from 11am to 2pm on Saturday, November 20th. Be there and bring the dog! See you next week…


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Halloween is almost here! Can’t you just feel the sugar rushing through your veins? Aren’t your teeth disintegrating just thinking of all the candy? Isn’t your liver quivering in anticipation of all the ill-advised drinking you may or may not be doing? Don’t your feet already hurt from wearing those ridiculous shoes to match that piece of fabric called a costume? Yes! Gotta love this time of year because it fits right in the 4 Square East Bay spirit which is to bring back the days of being a kid and put them front and center in your adult life. Pure fun, grown-up style. 4SEB has been going on and on about this year’s Costume Square and last night did not disappoint! There were zombies and cats and hipsters galore! Also, there have been reports coming in from all over that Giants are in San Francisco. For your own safety, please take refuge in the East Bay and wait until the danger passes. We don’t want anyone getting stepped on. Remember, this A’s country but we welcome those from the SFC to support their team and play 4 Square. Plus, Bailey just put out a slappin track to represent. We don’t need to get too political before the elections (oh forgot about those, did you? check out for info on your area), but Californians need to make a statement not only in politics but in sports and not let our country get dragged to the right (or whatever crazy direction the Tea Party wants to take us).

There were hella people who came out dressed up! It was amazing to see so many different folks feeling comfortable enough to be slightly crazy in a parking lot. The music was good, the candy was eaten, cupcakes were passed around and Kendall’s birthday was celebrated! The rules showed up but it was all about the people last night.

These are the folks and their costumes: Gene, Shae, Caserra (dressed as a family), Lee (scarecrow), Sam (the King), Lali (Harvey from Harvey), Caroline (Supergirl), Will (Wanksta), Justin (Devilish), Jordan (Pippy Longstocking), Sanjay (Green Lantern), Eric (cat), Anne Marie (Giants fan), Mike (a bitter A’s fan), Julian (Leisure Suit Larry), Mick, Glenn, Judi (flasher), Rachel (Magic 8 Ball), Isaac (pirate), Lyman, John, Laila (Carnival), Ezar ($3 costume from the dollar store), Travis (some sort of steam punk pilot?), Charlie (emo boy), Ariel (hipster), Liz (Sabina from the Unbearable Lightness of Being), Angie (fairy), Paul (pirate), Julian (a bug? a butterfly?) Adam (Gypsy musician), Laura (zombie), Kailey (giraffe), Phil (member of the Bomb Squad), Gabby (Harley Quinn), Kendall (Leelo), Uriah (Donnie Darko), Julian, Daniel, Rita (sparkles?), George, Mike, Vi, Mike, Mark, Zack (Sub-Zero), James, Kogi, and Robert (Captain America). Great effort everyone! While 4SEB is waiting for the pictures to be emailed to put together a good slide show, let these iPhone photos whet your appetite.

The games lasted well beyond midnight because everyone loves playing. Maybe it was that people don’t want to be the one to call elimination because it forces them to fight through the entire line. It’s been done, but it hasn’t been done in costume. At the end, after getting the birthday Leelo out, the King and a zombie dueled for supremacy of the square and to see who truly ruled costume square. It was the King. Good work Sam, you are royalty!

What an amazing event with spectacular people! Your costumes were incredible and unique which reflects the diversity of the area we live in. It’s always a pleasure to play and have fun with good folks all around you. As a reward, pumpkins were given out to those with the best costumes so clap it up for Captain America, Carnival, Pippy Longstocking, the Flasher, Leelo and Harley Quinn! You’re costumes make us all love you just that much more.

Be safe this weekend, there is a lot going on. For one, our friends Elle Niño are throwing a Zombie flash mob/Prom in the Mission ending at El Rio in San Francisco on Friday (tonight) from 8pm till they kick you out. Be there dressed as a Zombie and get in for cheap! On Saturday, there is Journey to the End of the Night, a race through the San Francisco which fits right into the urban game profile that 4SEB loves! Get to Justin Herman Plaza by 7pm to be one of the hundreds participating! On Sunday (actually Halloween) BodiRock Entertainment is having an all ages Monster Mash at La Peña in Berkeley from 6pm to 11pm. Get your trick-or-treat on and have a great time! HAPPY HALLOWEEN/DIA DE LOS MUERTOS EVERYONE!

Slick like Rick

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*** yes, this post is late, but like the one before it, it was written just never published. deal with it ***

It’s the gray season in the Bay! That means, it’s our version of winter. For our readers across the world, in the Bay Area, we have two seasons, blue or gray. After another round of strange weather (let’s face it folks, our world’s weather will never be what it was when we were kids), Oakland has started it’s journey into ‘winter’. How do we know? It’s started to rain! While 4 Square NYC and Philly FourSquare might be affected by the ‘winter’ the East Bay has got this magical thing called ‘the freeway’ which 4SEB has taken refuge under. Fear no precipitation! Games will happen under the protection of the giant concrete pathways that connect Berkeley with Walnut Creek. Yaaay! The splish-splashiness of rain does provide some other challenges for 4 Square ballers though. The asphalt becomes slick and we slide when running after balls. It’s kinda like ice. No, not really. We live in California. And it’s awesome.

Our asphalt might have been slick, but so was our game. Many players pulled out the trickery and craftiness that makes this game so unique. There were enough people for 2 squares, even though Square 2 looked like it had a little trouble pulling itself together. Let’s be honest, them lines was crooked! It still got play on cuz people are fiends for the square.

Showing up and representing were: Adam, Kailey, Glenn, Angie, Liz, Lee, Uriah, Sam, Paul, Mick, Lali, Justin, Robert, Liz, Will, Anne Marie, Julian, Mike, Tom, Judi, Ryan, Gia, Eric, Travis, Caroline, Laila, Dorian, Kendall and Jordan. There might have been other people there, but it’s hard to take names when you are kicking so much ass. Rules included the Commie Rule, Countries of the World, Professional Sports Teams, Dance Square, Spin Rounds, Cities of the World, Things You Are Afraid Of and more. It was great fun!

Only one 4 Square Challenge was won, so put your hands together for Robert who knew just the right light to stand in as to have a semi-okay picture taken for the blog. You’re so smart! And good at 4 Square.

While people could play forever, the night ended as it usually does, with elimination around midnight. It was long and hard fought, but only one can survive. Congratulations, Travis! After being an avid participant for a long time, you get to take home the win! Please rub it in people’s faces.

That’s all! Also there is tons of stuff happening this weekend, but the ones 4SEB are concerned with are the ones that involve us! Mainly, Brats & Beer Festival happening at Linden Street Brewery in Oakland! 4 Square of the East Bay will set up a square around 1pm and play till about 4. We will also eat brats and drink beer. How cool is that? If you are feeling less like stuffing your gut and more socially responsible, check out the ILWU Rally in support of Justice for Oscar Grant happening at noon at City Hall in Oakland. The Longshoremen/women are shutting down Bay Area ports to show solidarity with the Grant Family and their quest for justice. Stand up, make noise, support in numbers. Also, stay safe East Bay, you are our home.



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Is that a chill in the air? No, it’s just all those grown-up kids from 4 Square East Bay being cool. We don’t get bad weather in the Bay, we just dress in layers. It’s October already (already?) and while the rest of the country runs in doors and grabs sweaters, 4SEB sips on spiced ales and does what it does best … beats you at 4 Square. Autumn and winter have proven hard times for outdoor urban games but with a strong following and serious players, the crew from the parking lot will skip hibernation and play year round. We’ve braved the rain and the wind before, it’s just this time, we’ve got a blog to document it. Don’t be left out in the cold, warm up with a friendly game! 4SEB is here for you. Always.

The ballers got their hustle on all night. There was discussion of the World Championships of 4 Square but financial concerns brought up the possibility of having our own tournament on the West Coast (possibly the 4 Square International Championship?). Either way, 4SEB will be in the mix, one way or another. Players mixed it up with a variety of rules with the favorites being: the Commie Rule, Cities of the World, play with one hand, Spin Rounds, On Deck Square, Jump out of your square, touch the ground after you hit and things that live under water. This ain’t yo daddy’s 4 Square, this is Parking Lot Square!

Shout out to the long list of players who showed up! They were: Sanjay, Sam, Daniel, Caroline, Linnaea, Katy, Lee, Jordan, Anne Marie, Liz, Lali, Julian, Rachel, Mike, Caroline, Phil, Nam, Stephen, Robert, Julian, Justin, Laila, Rasha, Angie, George, Paul, Adam, Kendall, Celia, JP, Julie, Mike, Vi, Juan, Hugo, Casey and Jerome. There were also spectators but you don’t get your name in the blog if you don’t play. Sorry (not really). Also thanks to Robert for cinnamon bunning the whole crowd. Yum!

4 Square Challenge winners were numerous and most were well deserving of their victory. The rest of 4SEB, you gotta stop these people! Congrats to Sam, Phil, Lee, Daniel, Justin and Lali!

Squares 1 & 2 raged for quite a while as people took forever to work themselves up to elimination. Eventually, it did happen. Square 2 closed out first followed by the bellowing call to end the night. Everyone lined up and talked smack but, in the end, it didn’t matter. Vi and Adam squared off and, once again, Vi stands for Victory. Wayta win it all!

And that was a quick recap of everything that happened! Well maybe not everything, but if you missed it, you missed another great night with 4SEB. Speaking of great nights, what are you doing tonight? You should be joining the East Bay Bike Party for Zombie Ride! It’s starting tonight at 7:30pm departing from Frank Ogawa Plaza/Oakland City Hall (hey, isn’t that the place they play capture the flag on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays?) and riding all around Oakland and Alameda. Or if you are afraid of Zombies, hit up the Oaktoberfest in the Diamond District on Saturday. This is an all day, beer enjoying affair with live music and great dancing by our friends Mix’d Ingrdnts and BODIROCK! If that wasn’t enough food, why don’t you register right quick for the ForageSF Underground Market happening in Oakland Saturday night! Yeah baby, eat up! Lastly, Sunday is 10/10/10 and the East Side Arts Alliance is holding a conference on Cell Phone Justice. If you were wondering how to help improve your community by using your communicator, this event is gonna be very insightful.

That about wraps it up! 4SEB has a couple of events we’re gonna be at including next weekend at the Old Oakland Beer Festival! Check us out! Also, folks are gearing up for Costume Square 2010 so shouldn’t you be doing the same? See you next week!