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Flex Those Muscle Cars…

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VROOOOOM! 4 Square East Bay has a CORVETTE! Does your 4 Square game have a muscle car? I don’t think so! That’s right! We are B-A-D, not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good! Okay, so maybe 4SEB is fronting a little bit but just because we push Hondas, Toyotas and bicycles doesn’t mean that we can’t pose in front of the real nice car that was parked dangerously close to our square. To all the owners of nice cars in the East Bay, we play 4 Square in the Rockridge BART parking lot on Thursday nights so if you park there, balls will be bouncing all around your shit. If you’re okay with that, then we’re okay taking pictures by your money … I mean vehicle.

Thursday was a divided night. The base of 4SEB is a lot of cool people who are big geeks on the inside (sometimes on the outside too). What drew many players away from last night’s game was the release of the new Harry Potter movie. They were all standing in line for the first midnight screening and to make JK Rowlings more richerer. When this was realized the conversations of the remaining players quickly turned to HP bashing. While a magical wizard boy is interesting and whatnot, 4 Square East Bay appreciates all those that suppressed the urge to hang out with nerdy ass teenagers and nerd out in a theater to nerd out with us in a parking lot.

Rules were in full effect last night, favorite being the Commie Rule, Precision Square, Countries of the World, Things That Live Under Water, Get To Know You Square, the Pirate Rule, On-Deck Rule and Hipity-Hop Square. Fun times. Players were: Katherine, Sam, Robert, Lee, Lali, Caroline, Emily, Jody, Mary, Adam, Mike, Will, Uriah, Mike, Stephanie, Logan, Laura, Judi, Rachel, Anne Marie, Phil, Jordan, Ben, Byron, Bill, Sarah, Nick, Amy, Gabe and Kurt. Most 4 Square Challengers were knocked away, but one muscled his way to the top. Flex em Mike!

Both Squares were jumping for most of the night and the games were excellent. There were lots of laughs, some disputes and some great play! The rallies seemed to go on and on and most people were able to win at least once. But at the end of the night, there can only be one winner. Paul and Laura stared each other down across the square and hit balls at each other, but Laura was not able to overcome the sheer muscly might of Paul. Congrats Paul, it’s your time to shine!

VROOM! That’s the end of the recap! Really though, you should stop reading these and just come out and play. Most people are friendly… 4 Square of the East Bay has an event that it’s playing at on Saturday, November 20th! It’s the Eat, Play, Bark Festival in Jefferson Square Park in Old Oakland from 11am to 2pm! Hotness, bring your dog and your A game cuz we will be throwing down! Also, next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States of America. 4SEB is actually gonna be having a game going on then! What? As with most holiday squares, this game will start at 1opm NOT 9pm so if you feel so inclined as to work off that huge meal, come and join us! Bring left overs! Thanks for reading, see you in the square!


Consider this: Be considerate

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*** this post is late. by a while. don’t worry the words were written in a timely fashion, it was just never published. sorry ***

4 Square happened. I wasn’t there to take pictures, take down names or blog about it. No worries, New York was beautiful and they’ve got their own 4 Square NYC thing going on out there, so their was a feeling of unity across thousands of miles. Justin took home the win and posed for this picture at the end of the night.

At this point, it’s time to remind folks that while 4 Square of the East Bay loves to have fun and everyone is invited, we don’t invite disrespect to our space or to our people. 4SEB offers a unique avenue for socializing that functions on a culture of welcome and respect. If you feel like you need to be a dick (or an asshole) please don’t show up. If you come with people who are acting out of line, please, be their friend and check them so they don’t make things uncomfortable to others. As a non-sanctioned activity that takes place on semi-public property, 4SEB would like to inflict the least amount of damage on our surroundings. While we cannot regulate your intake of alcohol and other substances, we ask that you regulate yourself and be in control. We are not opposed to consumption, but everyone is opposed to obnoxious, belligerent behavior. Our square is open to all, including kids so keep that in mind. Our event is a fun, friendly environment that will not benefit from inconsiderate people trying to get wasted and cause trouble. Be responsible, be respectful, be nice and have fun. Those aren’t the hardest rules to follow, are they? 4SEB trusts that the people who show up understand and uphold the unique culture that we have worked hard to create and will continue to reinforce these ideas.

Now, that the serious message stuff is out of the way, 4SEB needs to give a great shout out to Robert for holding it down at the Old Oakland Beer Festival on Saturday, October 16th! He got there, set up the square, drank beer and played for hours with the friendly people of Oakland. We love being invited to stuff to facilitate games and getting drinks ain’t too bad either. Let’s just hope that no one got sloppy and skinned their knees.

That’s it! Sorry this post is a little late, but life happens. Plus, how many of you out there are reliant on this blog to survive? Hmm, maybe that question is better left unanswered… remember, BE CONSIDERATE of others around you, of your actions and your impact on the spaces you pass through. 4 Square East Bay wants to keep happening, don’t get us kicked out because of jerky behavior.