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Halloween is almost here! Can’t you just feel the sugar rushing through your veins? Aren’t your teeth disintegrating just thinking of all the candy? Isn’t your liver quivering in anticipation of all the ill-advised drinking you may or may not be doing? Don’t your feet already hurt from wearing those ridiculous shoes to match that piece of fabric called a costume? Yes! Gotta love this time of year because it fits right in the 4 Square East Bay spirit which is to bring back the days of being a kid and put them front and center in your adult life. Pure fun, grown-up style. 4SEB has been going on and on about this year’s Costume Square and last night did not disappoint! There were zombies and cats and hipsters galore! Also, there have been reports coming in from all over that Giants are in San Francisco. For your own safety, please take refuge in the East Bay and wait until the danger passes. We don’t want anyone getting stepped on. Remember, this A’s country but we welcome those from the SFC to support their team and play 4 Square. Plus, Bailey just put out a slappin track to represent. We don’t need to get too political before the elections (oh forgot about those, did you? check out for info on your area), but Californians need to make a statement not only in politics but in sports and not let our country get dragged to the right (or whatever crazy direction the Tea Party wants to take us).

There were hella people who came out dressed up! It was amazing to see so many different folks feeling comfortable enough to be slightly crazy in a parking lot. The music was good, the candy was eaten, cupcakes were passed around and Kendall’s birthday was celebrated! The rules showed up but it was all about the people last night.

These are the folks and their costumes: Gene, Shae, Caserra (dressed as a family), Lee (scarecrow), Sam (the King), Lali (Harvey from Harvey), Caroline (Supergirl), Will (Wanksta), Justin (Devilish), Jordan (Pippy Longstocking), Sanjay (Green Lantern), Eric (cat), Anne Marie (Giants fan), Mike (a bitter A’s fan), Julian (Leisure Suit Larry), Mick, Glenn, Judi (flasher), Rachel (Magic 8 Ball), Isaac (pirate), Lyman, John, Laila (Carnival), Ezar ($3 costume from the dollar store), Travis (some sort of steam punk pilot?), Charlie (emo boy), Ariel (hipster), Liz (Sabina from the Unbearable Lightness of Being), Angie (fairy), Paul (pirate), Julian (a bug? a butterfly?) Adam (Gypsy musician), Laura (zombie), Kailey (giraffe), Phil (member of the Bomb Squad), Gabby (Harley Quinn), Kendall (Leelo), Uriah (Donnie Darko), Julian, Daniel, Rita (sparkles?), George, Mike, Vi, Mike, Mark, Zack (Sub-Zero), James, Kogi, and Robert (Captain America). Great effort everyone! While 4SEB is waiting for the pictures to be emailed to put together a good slide show, let these iPhone photos whet your appetite.

The games lasted well beyond midnight because everyone loves playing. Maybe it was that people don’t want to be the one to call elimination because it forces them to fight through the entire line. It’s been done, but it hasn’t been done in costume. At the end, after getting the birthday Leelo out, the King and a zombie dueled for supremacy of the square and to see who truly ruled costume square. It was the King. Good work Sam, you are royalty!

What an amazing event with spectacular people! Your costumes were incredible and unique which reflects the diversity of the area we live in. It’s always a pleasure to play and have fun with good folks all around you. As a reward, pumpkins were given out to those with the best costumes so clap it up for Captain America, Carnival, Pippy Longstocking, the Flasher, Leelo and Harley Quinn! You’re costumes make us all love you just that much more.

Be safe this weekend, there is a lot going on. For one, our friends Elle Niño are throwing a Zombie flash mob/Prom in the Mission ending at El Rio in San Francisco on Friday (tonight) from 8pm till they kick you out. Be there dressed as a Zombie and get in for cheap! On Saturday, there is Journey to the End of the Night, a race through the San Francisco which fits right into the urban game profile that 4SEB loves! Get to Justin Herman Plaza by 7pm to be one of the hundreds participating! On Sunday (actually Halloween) BodiRock Entertainment is having an all ages Monster Mash at La Peña in Berkeley from 6pm to 11pm. Get your trick-or-treat on and have a great time! HAPPY HALLOWEEN/DIA DE LOS MUERTOS EVERYONE!